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can someone point me in the right direction to get filters for an old 80mm planar T* C fit lense, I have tried jessops and other second hand dealers but no one has been succesful in helping me.
I was trying to get a red filter for IR work polarisers etc, I tried to get a cokin filter adapter with the bayonet fit but it seemed to be discontinued?
Any suggestions!
tried the b50 ordered the cokin adapter through jessops and it was to small? any suggestions! the lens is a 52mm bayonet I believe as I can just get a normal lense cap of this size on
my lense wont take the b50 it seems to be a 58? i can just get a 58mm lens cap on it.I have tried the cokin b50 adapter.Any suggestions as I haven't seen b58 filters or adaptors the last post was a typing error it is 58.
The old 80mm Planar C lenses use a B50 bayonet mount, also known as B57. There was a series of newer 80mm Planar C lenses with the B60 bayonet mount.

Does the lens have a metal tab labelled V-X-M and a scalloped metal focus ring? If it does not, then it is one of the newer ones with a B60 mount (it will have a rubberized focus ring).
If I get the 6093T Pro Lens Shade (and the B60 Mounting ring) do I need any other adapters to be able to use 4x4 filters? Anyone using this shade and filters?
I seem to recall if you are using 4x4 gelatins, you need a holder for them that then slides into the shade. The rigid filters just "slide" by themselvesin (I think)??
It makes sense that you would need a holder, but I don't see in the literature, or in the Wildi book, anything about HOW they fit. I know the shade hinges away to allow fitting of B60s onto the lens, so I assume that when the bellows is swung out on the hinge, the filters are placed into a 'clip'?? Hmmmm.
The Proshade 6093 has slots for 75mm filters using holder 51705 or 100mm gels using holder 51708 or plastic drop in filters, according to Nordin's "Hasselblad System Compendium".