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Filters for ZV lenses


Has anyone tried any of these lenses?
Is it possible to get chrome/silver filters to fit these lenses?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, Mc - when I last checked with Zeiss, they said the lenses would be available mid-April. I've just sent another message inquiring about availability now that May is here.
One quite remarkable thing is the omission of floating elements for the 50 mm ZV lens.
CZ chose to go back to an older design mentioning many photographers do not use the floating elements anyway.
Does anybody know prices for these lenses?

The CZ ZV LENSES are available in Germany .
At MONOCHROM the price for the 50mm , the 120mm and the 180mm is all the same . 3689,00 € .
Other dealers might have other prices of course .
So a reimport from the US to europe , might be interesting .
German TAX is 4,2% for the items price (including) postage and then an other 19% V.A.T . + 10 € handling charge .

Regards Jürgen
At these prices it looks like used lenses will meet some serious competition from the ZV series.
Reimported at the current USD exchange rate they are an absolute bargain.
A full metal construction will last a lifetime as many early "C" lenses are still going strong.
I am glad I kept a polarizer with 67 mm thread I used with the 50 and 60 mm C lenses.

I just had a look to the CZ ONLINE SHOP .

The DISTAGON T* 4/50 ZV is 4150,00 € and is marked as coming soon .
The SONNAR T* 4/180 ZV is 3850,00 € and is marked as coming soon .
The MACRO-PLANR T* 4/120 ZV is 3850,00 € and is available .

Regards Jürgen
i assume that there will be at least UV filters and hood available for these lenses. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to me. I will strongly consider switching my 50mm distagon for one of the ZV's.
Possibly the new lenses accept serie VIII filters with a retaining ring.
These are in good supply.

67 mm threads seem to exist in different ways.
C lenses do not accept the common 67 mm thread but have a different fit.
A polarizer needs to be fitted by means of the thread.
Comparing lens specs shows that CZ used the floating elements design without the option to move the front lensgroup for the 50 mm Distagon.

The 120 mm is a straight copy from the existing CFi lens.
Same goes for the 180 mm Sonnar that is identical to the CFE/CFi design.

Only 1000 lenses will be produced. A very attractive limited edition.
iIdo not understand why they don't make CF or CFE compatibility.
Classic is for colectors and colectors may have a 2000CF ou 202FA body.
CB lenses gave bad image to Hasselblad witch compatibility is a priority. WHy to make a mistake twice ?
With the exception of the 50 mm all ZV lenses are optically identical to existing
CFE/CFi designs.
They do not seem to have F mode nor do they have databus.

Lenses with databus are being phased out.
The 80 CFE has become a CFi model.
The same will happen to the 120 mm and the180 mm CFE as soon as existing stock is sold.
Well this isn't hasselblad, it's zeiss. I suspect their motive for making these lenses are quite different than that of hasselblad. Still, I'm very happy that they are making these lenses. CFE "classic" lenses doesn't sound that well in a collectors ears I should imagine. I never understood why the CFE lenses are being phased out anyway. Seems like a very small feature means a lot to many people, including myself. If they were to make the entire line of V system lenses CFE, I would seriously consider buying a new one rather than a non 203FE compatiable CF/CFi.
I looked to the draft of both 50mm and it seams to be the same. Perhaps the "FLE" element move automaticaly like the IF version of the 40mm.
I'm reluctant to move 2 focus rings when I have to controle all the rest.
According to the data sheets of these 3 CLASSIC lenses , they all take 67 E screw in filters and have a bajonett 60 for the hood . Therefore existing hoods baj.60#38-60 and baj.60#100-250 can be used .
Also , there are many filters for 67 E available , new or used ones .
Furthermore , you could also use an adapter ring , HASSELBLAD 3040714 , which allows you to use baj.70 filters and hoods on the baj.60 front of these new CLASSIC lenses .

Hi, all - here is the U.S. press release I just received from Zeiss, attached.


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