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Filters for sonnar 150mm


Does anybody know were or if its possible to get new filters for a sonnar 150mm lens; guessing it's not possible to get new filters as different threads (after some protection, such as a sky light or something)?

What type of bayonet does your SONNAR have ? ?
Is it an older C-TYPE lens with a compur shutter or do you have a CF type lens ? ?

try this link .

Not all bay.50 filters are still produced or in stock . So , before you place an order , you should check with them , if your desired filter is still available .
E-Mail address is :

The bay.60 filters are more common today and easier to get .
But do also consider buying used bayonet 50 filters.
They are plenty, and many of them are in perfectly good shape too.
And cheap they are too, which, i'm sure, can not be said for new Heliopan custom-order filters.
I don't remember the brand of 52 to Bay 50 I had but I used it all the time with B+W filters and it worked well. I later gave the old lenses to my son when I got new CFE lenses. I also have an adapter for 67mm to Bay 60 that I use with the new lenses.

James A. Bryant

You need 57 mm, not 52 mm filters, so this particular adapter is not something you'd want.
There are bay 50 to 57 mm adapters too.
Sure, I have a conversion ring from B50 to 52mm. Used it on my C50 and C80 without problems.

Grrr.... I used the B50 to 52mm on my C150 (not on the C50 of course) and my C80 without problems.

Why 57mm Q.G.? I know you always have a logical reason for your recommendations. It it to avaoid vignetting? 52mm or 58mm are a more common sizes and easier to find. B&H doesn't even list a 57mm UV filter available from anyone.
I have been informed that the 150mm sonar compur takes a 60mm thread is this correct. I don't know what thread it takes as there is no indication on the lens and doesn't have a filter on it. Lord of the lens over a 60mm -58 converter and a 60mm - 62mm, I take it the larger is best to avoid vignetting?
Paul, it isn't a 60 "threaded" filter ... it's a 60 bayonet type mount.

What has been discussed here is the use of a bayonet to threaded adapter for a 60 bayonet to 62mm thread for most lenses that are 60 bayonet ... with maybe the exception being a 60/3.5 if you are attaching one of those thick Polarizers ... which may vignette (not sure about that because mine are the thin type).
ahhh, got confused, fell silly for asking this, but want to make sure I get the right one, as every thing has to be ordered from over seas.

The 150mm lens has a 60mm bayonet, so if I want to convert to a 62mm thread filter, the 60mm bayonet convert to 62mm thread would be the correct one to buy for this lens?

For a 150mm lens, yes that would work. 62mm is a common screw-in filter size.

I've even used a Bay60 to 60mm adapter because I have a number of thin Leica filters that size.

So it's a bayonet 60 mount?
Than do not get a bayonet 60 to 62 mm adapter.
You need 67 mm filters. Such adapters are available too.

Yes, it is because the smaller ones will vignet.
Less so with longer lenss, yes. But still, you do not want to get an adapter, invest in a bunch of filters, and than find you can use them on one, longer lens only.

This issue is confounded by the designations used by Hasselblad. While 'usual' filter sizes indicate the size of the mount, Hasselblad filter sizes are named after the size of the glass in that mount.
So a Hasselblad bayonet 60 filter is the equivalent of a 67 mm threadmount filter.
Thanks Qnu, that's informative, that's why I was getting confused with filter sizes. I'm really after a filter just to protect the glass on 2 len's, (probably get a polarize as well) and the adaptor is only $25 and the thread filters will be cheaper than the Hasselblad options. That's my thinking any way; I was going to go for 60-62mm but will now go for 60-67mm adaptor.
That's the real answer we all needed.

And in fact, I was incorrect in my stating that I use 60mm Leica filters ... they indeed are 67mm ... which I found late last night and was going to post this AM ... 67mm is a common thread size on my Leica R lenses, not 60mm.

I assume the previous Bay 50 to 57mm recommendation was a typo Q.G. and you meant 58mm ... as I said B&H doesn't list 57mm screw filters by any filter maker.

That 57 mm may well have to be 58 mm, yes.
I think my aging brain has trouble remembering all those %@$# details.
Well Q, nothing wrong with the brain cells this time, they serve you will: I just checked a Hoya bajonet-screwmount adapter I have lying around. It takes 57mm screwmount filters.