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Filters for Hasselblad


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There's no end to my questions... OK, I have managed to but together a basic kit (couple of 500CM bodies, A12 backs, four lenses etc.) and the only thing I lack is some filters, mainly for B+W shooting. I was about to order a set from Leicashop (orange, red, green) for B50 bayonet - my 80/2.8, 120/5.6 and 250/5.6 share the same bayonet. But, then I got the 60/5.6 which is 67 mm and thought that I could go with a Cokin P series. However, I noticed that I might not be able to use those Cokins with my compendium, which is quite useful since all my lenses are older and without T*. So, the question is: what kind of filters you use in Hasselblad when shooting black and white, if any? Or should one just scan my negs (now I'm mainly scanning my b+w negs) in colour and use Photoshop filters?

Thanks again,

I am an old school believer that says filtering should be done while shooting.

Hasselblad is not just a camera with lenses it is a complete system.
You are using C series lenses with either B 50 or 67 mm thread.
The solution is quite simple:

Get yourself an adapter that allows 63 mm inlay filters to be used with your B 50 lenses.

The first picture shows from left to right:
A bay 50 ring that you probably have to connect the compendium with B 50 lenses, the adapter and a 63mm filter that allows the use of 63 mm inlay filters with B 50 lenses and a ring to connect this adapter with or with out filter to the compendium

Filter adapter + compendium rings.jpg

500 CM + 150 C + Compendium.jpg

500CM with 150 C lens and filter adapter fitted to early compendium.

There are also rings to fit this combination of lens and filter adapter to later compendiums.

It probably sounds more confusing than it actually is.

63 mm inlay filters are used with lenses that have a 67 mm thread.
Be careful not all 67 mm threads are cut in the same way.
There is coarse and fine thread as well.

Finally forget Cokin filters. They are not up to the quality of Hasselblad system lenses.
Whatever way you decide to go stick with Hasselblad (B+W) or Heliopan filters and forget the rest.


  • Filter adapter + compendium rings.jpg
    Filter adapter + compendium rings.jpg
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  • 500 CM + 150 C + Compendium.jpg
    500 CM + 150 C + Compendium.jpg
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Thanks Polypal,

I've had my suspicions about Cokin filters, however those are the only ones of their type that you can find from the shop here in Finland. Your solution sounded exactly what I need. Will send a PM,