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Filters Again

Need advice for ND Grad system for use with Bay-60 lenses, 50mm, 80mm, 180mm. Size, type of adapters, make. Secondary concerns are ease of use and durability.


HELIOPAN is a very good make .
I use an adapter from HASSELBLAD BAJ. 60 to M67x0,75 (ES67) and ND0,9 , factor 8x , which is minus 3 f-stops and ND1,2 , factor 16x , which is minus 4 f-stops .
This combination , adapter BAJ . 60 to M67x0.75 , can be used with all BAJ. 60 lenses and all hoods still fit perfect .
These screw in filters are available in slim version , and are much cheaper than filters in bajonet 60 .
Have a look here . English version available .

Lee Sysem ... I use both the regular and wide angle holder/shade. Lee makes WA adapters that reverse back on themselves to avoid vignetting issues.
Thanks for the fast responses. A few more questions. The Lee system looks good..Hard or soft edge transitions? The recommendation is soft with wide angle and hard for all others..The only "wide lens" I have is the 50mm which isn't very wide with the CFV but the soft transition looks more "user friendly".