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Filter thread on 60mm f56 C lens


New Member
I have recently acquired a Hasselblad kit which includes the 60mm f/5.6 C lens. It is slow, especially for interior viewing (although since I do 4x5 large format with many f/5.6 and slower lenses I'm not as disturbed by this as some might be), but nice and sharp. The filter thread is "63" I can screw in a 67mm filter part way, but I'm afraid of doing damage to the lens or filter threads if I tighten the filter. (I have alot of 67mm filters for large format.) Does anyone know if there is some kind of adapter that properly converts the "63" size to 67mm for regular fllters. Also why is it designated 63?}
The mount is a Series VIII mount, taking unthreaded filters held in place by a Series VIII threaded retaining ring.
Series VIII thread is indeed a bit different from E67 thread.
I'm not 100% sure, but i think series VIII to many other filter thread diameter adapters are available, yes.

They are called 63, or series 63, apparently because that's the diameter of the glass bit of the filter.
The 5.6/60 mm lens uses drop-in filters that are held in place with a filter retaining ring. If your ring is missing, look at an auction site (I think I also have a spare I might be persuaded to sell). These filters are used by the 38 mm-, 50 mm- and other 60 mm C-lenses as well.

OK, that clears things up. Thanks. Now, I also have a lens shade marked only "53" that screws into that thread easily--I think it might be for a shorter focal length lens, but there is a little ridge inside the threaded part. I wonder if this will function as a filter retainer as well as a hood?
Yes, the corresponding hoods will serve as retainers for series 8 filters. I have such a hood on my C 50mm and it holds the series 8 quite nicely. I still wonder about pol filters in series 8 though.
OK now that I have cleared up the idea that my hood will hold series 8 filters, where the heck do you get series 8 filters? They don't seem to show up in listings of new filters, and I haven't seen any in used sources. Does anyone know of an odd sized filter source somewhere out there? I know there's a booth at some camera shows that specializes in filters--do they maybe have a web presence?
Tony, Series filters should be available from B+W, Heliopan, Hoya, etc.
Check out B+W's website at Schneider-Kreuznach