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Filter problem for H1 35mm f35


Hi. I acquired the habit using my Nikons of combining filters for certain situations. For me this has worked well photographically. The combination I often utilize is to employ my circular polarizer with a 81B. When I'd gone to the B&H web site looking for 95mm filters I could only find either the B&W 81B (out of stock) or a Hoya 81B. Hoya is not my brand of choice, but I ordered it. This filter is perhaps the thickest one I've ever seen. When I use it along with my circular polarizer and appropriate hood I get unacceptable vignetting. I'm faced with an analogous situation with my X-pan 11 using the 45mm lens, my Heliopan circular filter, the center filter and x-pan hood. Besides changing my photographic techniques or suddenly becoming proficient with photoshop, does anyone have a filter suggestion?
I empathsize with your problem as I have the same one! Here is what I do... I have a thin 95mm B+W circular polarizer on the lens and place a Lee 6x6 square filter over that and just place a piece of gaffers tape to secure it to the lens. It is the only thing that has worked for me.
Another solution albeit more expensive is to find a inexpensive 95mm ring, and have Singh-Ray replace the glass with a warming polarizer. They use a-13 which is not as warm as an 81B, but convenient. I have not gone that route although I spoken to Bob at Singh-Ray about making the filter. Still looking for a cheap 95mm ring...cause the Singh-Ray filter was going to be expensive!
Chris, I was hoping for more imput re this filtering problem. My problem with your solution is that I want glass, not highly scratchable resin filters. That's the makeup of both Lee and Singh-Ray's filters, or so I believe. When I received my center filter from Hasselblad I wasn't aware that it was acryllic. Almost immediately it acquired marks. I use acryllic only when I have to. When I frame work that's 40"x52" I use acryllic. When I ship any framed work I use acryllic. I did want to provide info on how I dealt with filtering successfully on my H1 150 f.3.2-but this post is already too long. Next time.
according to the filter handbook from Schneider (B+W), they can deliver a warming polarizer for 95mm. On request, they will use the 81B for warming. The filter comes in both linear and circular. This way you only need one filter-ring, with less chance for vignetting. I don't know what you would have to pay, though.
Quote from the handbook:
B+W Warm Tone Polarizing Filters
These filters are special versions of the B+W Linear- and Circular Polarizing Filters with an KR 1.5 correction filter or an 81A warm tone filter as protection glass (KR 3 or 81B on request). This combines the optical qualities of both filters in a single filter.
I didn't explain my situation clearly. I already possess Heliopan 49mm & 95mm circular polarizers. I'm quite happy with them which is nice-they cost plenty. I just want the option of adding a thin 81B filter when I need one. Here's what I did with my H1 150 f3.2. I bought a Nikon 77mm circular polarizer (the newest series is thin and a standard diameter so I can use my Hasselblad hood), a Nikon A2, and a B&W 81B. Now I've got options. Unfortunately I can't find a way to do the same with other filters. Someday I'll sort these minor problems out. Thanks.