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Filter on a 40CF lens how to shade from light


New Member
Hi everybody, as I've just purchased some filters that fit my 40cf lens (93mm ø size), I've then realised that once they're on, because they come just between the mounting ring and the shade, the lens shade loose its function and the filter is lined at the end of lens. Now the question is, do you have any tips to replace on this lens anything that could work as a lens shade? - I guess that the hassy pro-shade doesn't have the right mount size. Is the only thing to do prepare a self made one? I've tried to do that with a strip of black fiber paper, but the range of shading is really poor.
Any comment will be welcome.

The current 6093T ProShade (notice the numbers
) will fit (using the right adapter, of course) your 40 mm lens.
The 6093/ø93 adapter (screws into the rear part of the 40 mm's lens shade) will hold one series 93 filter, but you can use square filters in the shade, if you need more than one.

You can resort to the old hat trick: just stand (or have some kind assistant stand) to the side of the lens, between lens and sun/other light source, out of the field of view, of course, and shade the front of the lens with body, out stretched arms, a piece of card, or hat, if he or she happens to have one at hand.

I believe many use the dark slide (i have done so occasionaly too), hold it just out of the field of view, right next to the lens. But since it reflects quite well, perhaps not a good idea.
Thank you Qnu, your answers are precious, as always.
But now my camera (503cw) is at service: is not possible to focusing at infinitive anymore.
This happens with the 80mm cf, the 40mm cf and 150cf , focusing is good at infinitve with the 120cfi makro planar. But the very very strange thing is that with my other 500C/M classics the same lenses keep the focusing at infinitive perfectly. This is definitely a job for service repair labor.
Maybe something wrong with the mirror.
have a nice week to you all.
Hi Qnu, my 503Cw is back from service: the problem was with the focal plane and all the block that keeps the lens. I don't know how it happens (may be while shipping to me from the Ebay seller) but all that stuff have deplaced a little bit, so it was impossible to focusing right. When we buy second hand gear these things are part of the game.
Hello Sandro.

Quick service! Is Hasselblad still present in Italy?
Over here (Netherlands) they packed up and left, to Gothenburg. Service is now available through service pick up points, where equipment is collected and then send to Sweden.
I don't know (yet) how slow/quick that would be, but i will find out soon.

The body length was off? That can indeed happen due to rough handling / poor packing during transport.
It is indeed something to reckon with when buying second hand and/or through eBay. I always 'expect' the worst (loss of everything), hope for the best. ;-)
Until some years ago, certified authorized Hasselblad service was available only in Turin, but now we have a very good technician in Rome where I live.
They are expensive as all the hassy service in the world, but they're very qiuick (I've left my blad on tuesday and had it back on friday). I've paid the service including a complete check up, lubrification etc. Euro 80 including taxes.
The name is "dear camera" this is the link : They are also Nikon certified service and they are upgraded for all the new digital gear (as well as for hasselblad).
I don't tell you how lucky I feel myself having this service close to my hand.
Let me know if you need some critical reapair as they have a lot of old parts to repair discontinued models.
Greetings from Rome
Thanks Sandro!

Euro 80, including taxes, for a CLA is really cheap though.
Maybe i should visit beautiful Rome soon. ;-)