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Does anyone out there in the HASSELBLAD community know if there are still films available for the magazine A70 ? ? ?
If so , who sells these films and who can still develop them ? ?
> Kodak Portra 160 is still around I believe. Maybe Portra 400? Look

> for the version of the film with perforations (it comes both with > and without).

> Kodak Aerographic Plus-X is still available (has a bit more IR > sensitivity to cut through haze in aerial photography, but is still

> fairly nice for B&W "normal" shots esp landscapes).
>Very curiously, I was looking at the guide for Vision Graphics about 10 minutes ago looking at 120/220 prices and happened to see that they process 70mm for $AUD 4 per foot (c. 30 cm). Not sure this is much use, as they are in Sydney!
I had a phonecall with KODAK and they stated that there are only two more films available as 70mm . It is the PORTRA 400VC and the PORTRA 160NC . Both films are still produced , but only on demand and you have to buy 5 rolls (30,5m) and you must load the film yourself in your darkroom . Also , there is no more lab in germany which can process this film in one piece . They will have to cut the film which means you will shurely loose 2 - 3 images .
But more important than all that , using 120 or even 220 film rolls of the same filmtype will be much cheaper . So it does not make sense to go for 70mm film any more . So my A70 magazin will be a display unit in my HASSELBLAD collection from now on.
Does anyone stillwork with A70 magazines . I would like to hear about their experience .
> Jürgen, did you ask photostudio 13? They told me that they are able to process 70 mm film. I did never give it a try though.

Photstudio 13 is just around the corner to my home. I am a customer there for many years and so that was my first try . They said that i should try with KODAK and gave me their number .
> Nikor (here in the US) made a 70mm stainless steel reel/daylight > tank that will hold a hasselblad cassette's worth of 70mm many > years ago. You still see them 1-2x a year on ebay. I just picked > one up a couple of months ago before I took a trip to Alaska. I > don't like being limited to only 1-2 films, but there is something > really nice about shooting with a 50-70 exp roll (depending on how > you loaded the film) when you are doing shots of the bears going > after salmon in the streams. Shoot away and don't have to worry > about reloading at an inopportune moment.

You can load your own cassettes using a bulk film loader like Watson, or Burke&James use to sell. Looks like a 35mm loader on steriods.
can you please give the thread to get to your result ? I tried , but was not successful . Jürgen
> Although the 70mm mag takes perforated film, there was once a > "fix" that allowed unperforated film to be used.

> A gentleman ( a successful wedding photographer [ http://www.s- > ] ) was selling a > replacement o-ring + wheel to replace the sprocket wheel found on > the 70mm mag. I purchased one 4-5 years ago. About 6-12 mo back I > checked ( since I had not seen his Ebay postings for some time) and > found that he had passed away ( > 03-04/03-05-04/zzzdddea.htm ).

So, although it is not readily available as it once was, it is still possible to have one machined. That would open up the film selection to both perforated and unperforated types giving a bit wider selection.