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Film spacing


New Member
There was a long thread on this, but not one post outlined how much the spacing in between negatives is actually supposed to be? I know that variations occur due to film spool diameter etc. The reason I ask is that my film shows around 1/4 inch at most. That leaves a spare frame at the end of the film that could be used. That said, my main gripe is that when I have to cut negatives for placement into neg sleeves, I dislike the 1/4 inch spacing, and would like more. Is this adjustable? IT would certinaly make things easier for me when inserting negs into the carrier ready for enlargement. I use regular A12 backs.

Failing that, how do you reset the counter to allow use of this spare frame without fogging the film? Somebody mentioned that they did this in the other thread, but left no info on how to do it.

You could try going slightly past the arrow when you insert a new film. This should give you a somewhat wider spacing. I typically do this, just a couple of mm is enough for me.