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I have 4 old magazines . Two with serial CHxxx and two with serial CPxxxx . Two of these are in a very good condition (mechanical and cosmetical) but i do not know if they are "light tight" . With them , i have also two original dark slides , the ones without bumps
I had a talk with HASSELBLAD Germany . They stated , that they can still service these magazines with a new type light seal , but they would have to do some rework (don't know what rework) , to fit the newer type of light seal at the dark slide place .
Has anyone experience with that kind of rework ?
Or shall i try to get them done by David Knapman , possibly still using original parts without rework ? I would like to keep them as original as possible , but in a working condition .
I think it would be best to ask David Knapman for advice*.
'Reworking' would involve losing a bit of the original back. I wouldn't consider that an option.

(*But don't you jump the queue!
Yes you are right , it would loose a bit of the original back , and that was my concern , when i opened this thread . I will contact David Knapman and report the outcome . Thanks . It will take a while because i have no E-MAIL address of David . Who has one ? ?
You could try to call him at +46 31 91 94 03.=20

If you decide to send him your backs, his postal address is:

Pro Camera Service PO Box 115 SE 438 23 Landvetter Sweden

PS. Sorry about hijacking your thread yesterday. I will speak to my = contact as soon as I can.=20
Thanks for the hints . I have David's telephonenumber and address out of the Nordin Compendium . I tried many times to call , but never got him on the phone . So i will have to write him .

In many cases the light trap in older magazines can be used again.
It needs to be reworked a bit but will last forever if treated correctly.
So upgrading to the later foam type seal would take away an original part from these early backs and places you on the list of regularly replacements for the newer seal.

This is not good advice from Hasselblad Ahrensburg.


I can not do that myself . I have never opened any HASSELBLAD gear (old or new) .
No , i do not want to upgrade to the new type of light seal .
I know , David Knapman can service the old magazines . I did not contact him since my last update , because I have a new type magazin , having that little required hole .

The post '85 magazines to start with the ones with the wavered pressure plate and the "brakes" to keep the film flat do not have the little hole and cannot be used with pre '57 cameras.

I would not adept these later magazines although they are slightly better than the older ones but advise you to use the ones that have the little hole.
That means any back from 1950 till 1985 will fit the early cameras.
Beware the "80" Polaroid should not be used and is best kept locked up in a showcase to avoid confusion.
I like to use older Hasselblads and prefer a filmback that is correct for the year the camera was made.

If you do not wish to check and adjust the original lightseal on pre '56 backs yourself send them to me and I will do that for you.
I can also check the spacing if you wish.

You mentioned you have two 1600F cameras. Are they both series two or do you have the rare early one as well?


The two 1600F cameras I have are CH12819 and CP13787 . This must be series 2 cameras .
I have four magazines from the same years (1952/1953) but only 3 darkslides without the two little bumps .
But I also have a magazine 12 , which has that little hole . It is 30EI61120 .
I have bought it used about ten years ago . It was in mint condition .

Q.G. has already been discussing "the little hole" with me . It's not 100% clear how it got there , but it is there .

I think you have series two cameras as far as production dates goes.
They have a black knob with white lettering for transport and shutterspeed.
Th early camera has an alloy knob with black lettering.

The little hole in your 1994 filmback is a mistery to me.
Maybe it was a later modification although it seems strange to have a back adapted
to fit cameras that are 40 years older.

"The post '85 magazines to start with the ones with the wavered pressure plate and the "brakes" to keep the film flat do not have the little hole and cannot be used with pre '57 cameras."

Not quite. I have such which do have the hole.

"Th early camera has an alloy knob with black lettering."

Not all of them. See:

The tell-tale sign is the four digit serial number.

I will be travelling to my other home in the middle of the week and pick up my other two HASSELBLADS , which still "live" there . It a 500CM classic from 1996 ? ? and the other 1600F plus the other two pre 1957 magazines .

Also I will finish the rework of my flashgrip .

If you don't mind , I will send you one of my old magazines for light seal inspection .

There is allways an exception to the rule.
Jürgen has a 1994 filmback that has the hole.

Knobs can be changed and retrofitted at any time.
In the HHS that you refer to it states that the black knobs were fitted later.


I will see to the filback as soon as it arrives