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Film choice advice


New Member
I'm headed for Paris in a week with a relativly newly aquired 500c. I'm taking the single lens which came with it. It is a Planar 1:2:8 f80. I have shot about 20 rolls of 160,200,800 with this rig and all seems well. I'm just transitioning from 3 decades of using Nikons and don't want to lug them along. We will be staying a few days in Paris and then taking a river cruise to Normandy. Any advice on film selection is appreciated. I'm expecting pretty dim lighting and cloudy days.
Hi. It is a matter of preference but for all round holiday use I load my 500c/m backs with Ilford Delta 400 or Kodak Tmax 400 and for colour, Fuji superia 400. The results have been excellent. \With 400 speed I am able to hand-hold most of the time which means full portability. The planar 80 2.8 is a brilliant all round lens but I picked up a 2x converter (komura) to get a bit closer. A lens hood is also useful as the coatings on the earlier planars were not as good as the later models.

Good luck

Hi Bernie,

Welcome to the Hasselblad forum.

It is not very easy to answer your question.
Suppose you want to take some pictures at a candle light dinner then even 800 ASA will not be sufficient.
I would certainly take some 160 ASA although usefull light for that film will be limited during the day.

Maybe a nice opprtunity to take some Kodak Portra in 160/ 400 / 800 ASA with you and see what results you get.
An extra filmback may prove very usefull under these circumstances.
Thanks for the help. I was assuming the same idea of spreading the film selection across the asa spectrum would hold. I have about 40 rolls fresh from B&H of 160,400 and 800. I also have about 10 of TriX which is what I really prefer working in given the choice. I'll be the guy looking a little befuddled with the old Hassy on a mono-pod and unmistakeably a tourist. If you see me feel free to give me a bit of advice.