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Film back problem H2


New Member
Hi My Hasselblad H2 seems to have developed an issue regarding the film back.

Camera would appear to be in good condition and the film back is mint condition.

I have used 2 films and the results were impressive however the 3rd roll seems to have taken 5 exposures . After a break of a couple of days the Camera says no film !

I’ve removed film in dark bag ,reset it & camera fired off a few shots .

After leaving for an hour it has given the warning of no film!!

I’ve cleaned all contacts and can’t think what could be wrong.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hello Iain,

That's a new one - I've not come across that issue before. You could do worse than contact: and explain the issue; you'll undoubtedly get a reply from Jimmy who is incredibly helpful and if a repair is needed, his rates are very reasonable.