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Film advance indicator stuck


New Member
On my A12 magazine the film advance indicator (on the roll holder key) is stuck. When turning the key to take out the roll holder, it does not reset, but stays red. Opticaly this is not a big deal, but does it influence operation in any way? Thus far I do not notice any problems. Frame counter works normally. It is possible though (don't know if it suppose to) to take out the roll holder midfilm. I haven't loaded any film yet, I noticed all this while checking my camera.
Hm, film transport etc is independent of the red indicator. So it should not affect the backs functioning.

The film indicator is a pretty smart thing.
After each exposure it turns red meaning the film has to be transported because an exposed frame is in still position where it can be exposed.

After you take out the spoolholder the indicator stays red untill a newly loaded film has been transported and the counter reads "1".

The red/white indicator does not influence film transport in any way should it be inoperative.

Later film backs and cameras do not have the red/white facility anymore.
Thanks! I also am planning to get my camera serviced, so it will get fixed then. I haven't called around yet, but I'm afraid it will not be cheap.
Ah, okay... So today I loaded a film I just bought, and the indicator works as it should be. The magazine knows that there is a film in it now, but how it knows is beyond me. I hadn't touched my camera for six years, so I forgot some of the operating procedures.

Wonderful stuff, Hasselblad.
I guessed there was nothing wrong with the red/white indicator.
The indicator does not need film to be triggered.
It just needs to be set by winding the film crank after the insert was put back.
As soon as the counter is set to "1" after cranking the filmback the indicator turns white.

Only way to tell there is film in a back is to check the indicator inside the
knob that locks the insert in the back.