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FE lens problems


New Member
Hi all!
I just got a FE 50 f/2.8 lens which I bought from an auction. I.e. no return rights. :-(
The problem is that when I press the release there is just a soft "click" sound and the shutter isn't released. If I just twist the lens ever so slightly the shutter releases (and the aperture closes). I guess that this is a matter of simple adjustment, but I still want to ask the very knowledable crowd here. (Being born in Gothenburg doesn't make me an expert on neither 'blads nor Volvos. But I do drive a Volvo as well :)


I think you are right. Sounds indeed like a simple, and relatively cheap, readjust job.
Have someone look at the lens. It is well worth a repair.
An FE lens does not have a shutter. It is intended for use on Hasselblads with a focal plane shutter.

Hmm... Maybe I misread your posting: are you wondering if the rotating key on the camera is blocked by the lens, thereby preventing the camera's shutter from releasing?

Q.G. Thank you. That's what I thought. I will check with a camera shop nearby.

Wilko, yes I know that the lens is intended for 2000-, 200-series cameras. The camera I use is a 2003FCW and it works nicely with all the other five C, CF and F lenses I have. Hence it "must" be the lens.

Let me describe it more clearly. When I press the release there is a slight "click" and a very slight "shake" on the groundglass image. I don't know if it's the lens or the mirror that shakes. As the shutter doesn't release the mirror stays in place.
If I grab the gripped ring with the white line f/stop indicator and twist it to the left (counter-clockwise from behind the camera) the mirror goes up and the shutter releases in the normal 'blad SLA-BANG fashion. (After 20 years I still love that sound. :) It sounds like ... quality. But again, maybe it's just because I was born in Gothenburg. :) :) )