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FE 50 mm distagon


I just recieved my "new" lens today. Beautifull piece of work. This one is like new and commes with 6 month Hasselblad Waranty.

It look perfect but something was strange and then I put this lens on a table with my CF 60mm I baught second hand 20 years ago (like new and close to the actual model CFi)
I had the answer: The 50mm is a realy heavy and big lens. My 60mm went with me for all travels and it was almost invisible on my shoulder under my vest. The 50mm seams to change gravity field and make my steps turn right if I close my eyes.

The diference is like between R anM lenses for Leica.
SO this lens will not realy my next poket stuff.

BTW the front lens turn with focusing. Never saw such with other lenses.
And the focusing ring is heavy but it's short to focus to 1m from infinity.
And the mini distance is very interesting.

So I am very exited to discover this lens on working action...perhaps more my head than my back !
Anyone has this lens too ?

Congratulations with your new lens.
It is one of the best wide angles for Hasselblad and the first to use floating elements.

You have the early version of the 50/2.8 FE lens that is about 1200 grs.

The later model is "only" 1000 grs and does not have a front lens group that turns while focusing.
That is advantage when using a polarizer.
The later lens does not focus from 0.32 but from 0.42 m.

After you see the first results you may decide to take this lens along more often I think.

I just got out my FE2,8/50 lens to see which type it is , as I was not aware of these little differences. It's the latest model .
The quality of that lens is great , but still , 1000 grs. is a lot , and degrades that lens to be NOT my beloved wide angle lens .


The other 50 mm CFi is 800 grs but needs extra work because you have to set the front lens group independant from focussing.
The extra 200 grs. for the 50/2.8 are not a problem to me.
You did not choose Hasselblad because it is a lightweight camera I hope.

Weight matters for the 40 mm are quite different.
The 40 mm C lens puts 1400 grs. on the scale.
That is 500 grs. more than the CF version.
Still I like to use this C lens.
I have to admit not on my last trip to the Mont Blanc.


I have the 50mm CFi on my CWD. I love it, perfect for taking a walk through the streets. However, I would like to get one with databus, because I just bought a 203 FE. However, I am reluctant to part with my 50. This and the 80 are just great.

Can anyone suggest which 50mm "E" lens, would be preferable?

Both F lenses with databus are great performers.
I have both and cannot find much difference if any between the results they give.
I think I like the later version better.
Not so much because it is lighter but because it is easier to use with a polarizer.
For the first version, the minimal focusing distance is 32cm. It's the distance between the film and the object. In fact the object is 10cm from the lens. For my use it's allmost a macro lens !
Today I spent 3 films to try outside. (there is a festival in Geneva this day) It's not so heavy on shoulder. "The camera looks far biger than before (The same body with the 110mm/2.0)" said my wife. This 2.8 and a 400asa film and the weight allow me to use in bad condition for light. (Please Hasselblad give us a usable 1250 asa digital back in 2009 like Leica did at the end of 2006 !)
Why this lens was modified ? 32cm was too close to keep good quality ?
Or to get lighter they foccus less ?
Or No front turning part was the goal ?

I have the first generation 50/2.8 FE. I also had the similar 50/2.8 F before getting my 205, for use on my 2003FC/W (which is probably still my favorite Hasselblad body, even though I have the 205). It IS a heavy lense, but the close focus makes it very easy to use in close quarters. I have gotten some great shots in cr&ed spaces, such as sitting at a table, on a ferry or in the back of a truck to name a few such places were people seem to have great facial expressions. It's a fun and highly useful lense with superb results.

I have a rather small bag, that carries the 205 w/ E12CC back, 110/2, 80/2.8FE and the 50/2.8 (all with shades), plus an E24CC back and "sufficient" film very sungly. This just makes a superb "kit" for all occassions for me.

The turning of the front section has not bothered me one bit, but I don't use a polarizer.