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Famous Hasselblad photographers


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I am doing a university project on Hasselblad. Although a Hasselblad user myself, I do not know of many famous users and need this information for the project. Can you help me in my ignorance and let me know of any famous practitioners? Thanks.
I would recommend that you study ex&les of work by photographers whose work inspires or interests you. The key to identifying whether a Hasselblad was used is the V or V's cut into the rebate area of a full frame print or proof. This groove is cut into Hasselblad backs. It usually appears on the left side of the printed image. Most great photographers attempt to crop in camera, leaving the rebate as a frame. It is the camera's signature. However, sometimes cropping is necessary to complete the visual statement, such as the fragment of the portrait of Igor Stravinsky by Arnold Newman, but for that image I believe he used a 4x5.

There are many famous Hasselblad users.
How many are you looking for? And what do they need to be famous for?

For now, i'll add to your list with Ansel Adams and "Buzz" Aldrin.
I think most photographers of any note have used the Hasselblad at one time in their careers. You want a list of names? You really should go to a library with a good photo book section, or a bookstore that has a cafe so you can peruse the work and learn from what you see.
Add Bert Stern.. Although a Rolliecord was one of his earlier cameras of choice, Stern had to use a Hasselblad 1000F for his famous Pyramid/Smirnoff shots in 1955 at Gizeh, Egypt. He chose the 'Blad due to its SLR and hand-holdability. He needed absolute control over angles and light refractions within the glass.
Stern also brought a Hasselblad along and used it along with a Nikon 35mm with 105mm lens, and a Graflex 4x5 with Polaroid back, for his drunken dream-shoot of a lifetime with and of Marilyn Monroe just six weeks before her death, in 1962.
Just a few:
Richard Avedon (w/150mm lens when he wanted to get closer than the RolleiflexTLR allowed); Bert Stern, Helmut Newton, Diane Arbus, Viktor Skrebneski, Irving Penn, Steven Meisel, Francesco Scavullo, Annie Leibowitz, Anton Corbijn, Patrick Demarchelier, Karl Lagerfeld (the designer), Nigel Parry, Michel Comte, Mark Tucker ( Most of these use the Hassy along with other cameras, or have used it at one significant point in their careers. They may or may not be known more for use of other cameras.

Most of the above are 'fashion-related.' In the fine-art arena, many would be less well-known. You can find some wonderful photographers at:

For Hasselblad use, look for square compositions, and, as noted above, the two triangular notches in the left frame border. They are also, rarely, found on the right frame, if the picture has been flopped. My favorite on the photo-eye site is Hiroshi Watanabe - especially the portraits.

You can also visit the Hasselblad website. There is a MASTERS section and a magazine section which profiles a photographer each month. You'll find some well-known people as well as less-known, regional photographers there.

Hope this helps, but i'm still sorta curious as to how....
David Bailey?

Hasselblad cameras and lenses inspired many well respected photographers to record exciting images.