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Extension Tube E removal from 205FCC


New Member
I just purchased a new 56E tube for my 205FCC. Stuck it on an FE lens and then stuck it all on the camera. Now it's stuck and won;t come off.
I THEN read the directions which state not to mount tube in this order, but rather to mount tube to body first. Sooooo, what do I do to get it all apart and start from scratch again?
Thanks in advance!

Try to release the shutter, then wind it. Then remove the lens from the tube then the tube from that camera. [per manual]

I tried many times to release the shutter. To no avail. Just seems like it's stuck. Won't open, won't release, won't come apart. I guess I'll take it to a shop... Thanks for the help anyway, Wick
The jamming problem I discovered by chatting with a B and H photo live assistant on-line (remarkable, really) was the order in which I mounted up the lens and ext tube to the camera body. It has something to do with the cocking of the shutter and this will not happen automatically unless you rigidly follow the mounting sequence of tube to camera, THEN lens to tube. Sooo, if this happens to anyone else, either get ahold of live chat at B and H Photo and ask them, read this posting or READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. Thanks for your help, Wick
Indeed yes indeed. I simply had to reset the camera and complete the exposure sequence by pushing the little reset button on the winder to advance the film. Once wound, the shutter snapped the shot (a nearly 25 hour exposure!) and I was able to disengage the extension tube and lens from the camera body. Now, I will always remember to put the tube/lens together in the correct order, as per the directions!