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Exposure Compensation Tony Sweet or others


New Member

I enjoy your article in Shutterbug and esp like your Xpan shots on your website. Below is an except from the your original xpan review in Shutterbug. However, your second paragraph confuses me. When I use my xpan with the compensation and bracket below I always have one of three shots are overexposed.

I am not sure but when I review your recommendation the net effect of your the setting when I look at film is +1 1/2 stop over, 1/2 over then normal which is 1 stop over. I know exposure is personal taste. Also, I understand the center spot filter adjustment is already considered in the camera shutter speed. So please help clear up my confusion now I believe that I should read the second paragraph as guidance if I am doing a manual setting for both the f stop and shutter via a handheld meter.

THanks for all your help


Exposure Tips (T Sweet article)
The angle of view is quite wide on the 45mm and 30mm lenses and includes far more in the scene than one may be used to seeing. You may want to consider metering using the “aperture priority” mode and using the “auto-bracketing” feature until you get a sense of exposures in the panoramic format. There is so much area being included that one needs time and a little experience to get a feel for metering. There is no need to compensate for the center spot filter when on aperture priority, because metering is being done in the camera and center spot compensations are made automatically. But, when using a handheld meter, you need to open up 1 stop on the 45mm and 90mm lenses to compensate for the center spot filter and open up 11/2 stops to compensate for the 30mm center spot filter. This is normally done on the 45mm and 90mm by opening up the shutter speed 1 stop after setting your exposure. On the 30mm, open up 1 stop on the shutter speed, then open 1/2 stop on the f-ring, for ex&le from f/22 to f/16.5.

At least 80 percent of my exposures are made using the aperture priority, center-weighted metering system at +1 on the exposure compensation dial and bracketing by 1/2 stops, using the auto-bracketing feature. The auto-bracketing feature will create three exposures. The first will be at the standard exposure, the second and third will be made at the exposure modification you assign, your setting, either 1/2 stop or 1 full stop.