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EpsonHPCanon Best 13 wide InkJet printer


New Member
Can anyone reccomend the best 13" wide Inkjet printer?

I have been looking at the Epson 2400 and the HP9180

There is of course the Conon 9500....

I have never used an other printer , than an EPSON . So i can not say anything , but EPSON.
Don't go for the 2400 , but go for the 3800 . All together , the cost for the ink is in a much better relation than it is with the 2400 .
There might also be a cashback promotion in your country . Its curently 150€ here in Germany till the end of the year .


I bought the R2400 when there was no 3800. If I was doing it again, I'd do the 3800. The 2400 is a great printer and I do some excellent BW with it on all types of paper, plus Pictorino negatives - but changing the Black inks for some papers is such a drag that I got another 2400 so I could have a color and a BW printer! (Still less than one 3800). But, now, it would be one 3800.

Never one day of problems.

Can't speak for other brands!


Hi Richard,

In the 13" catagory I'd have to say the Canon 9500 is your best bet. I had an Epson 4800 that gave me nothing but greef and used alot of ink for maintenance. After much research I purchased a Canon iPF 6100 but I did look at the 9500 which is a fantastic printer if you plan to do both Colour and B/W matte or glossy because you don't have to change ink cartridges. Also although the ink is more expensive for the Canon the ink usage is alot less so it works out to be about the same cost then, if you factor in the ink used for cleaning cycles the canon is cheaper by a mile.

just my 2 cents
HP 24" Z3100 or Z3200 ?

Hello all ...

It will soon be time to purchase a large format printer for my in-house proofing & printing requirements :confused:

Here in the UK the current sale prices & deals on HP 24" Z3100 or Z3200 printer + bundles are becoming very reasonably priced indeed !

Does anyone have any kind advice or tips - on either the HP 24" Z3100 or Z3200 printers ?

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards,