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Electronics in the Zeiss lenses


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As promised some time ago I took the opportunity to take pictures
from the electronic module in an F lens. In this case a F350 (see
previous post).

Overview picture


The picture below shows the complete printed circuit board from
the components side.

The magic (if any) hides in the 2 brown square components. They
appear to me as a custom job for Hasselblad/Zeiss.



The reverse of the module is covered with gold plated contacts.


On these contacts a sliding contact moves when the diaphragm ring
is rotated.

The picture below shows a close/open contact that is controlled
by the stop-down lever on the side of the lens. The yellow and blue
wire are soldered to the circuit board, I had to unsolder them
in order to take the pictures.


I hope that satisfies the curious, and does not upset the
less technically inclined

Thanks for pictures.
I understand now, why trying to find the correct resistor between pins to simulate 2.0 aperture was hopless !