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Dust in the wind


Active Member
Could not find a better section to post this in, basically
my questions are directed to all folks using digibacks, be it on V or
H systems.

That said: to what extent are the digibacks on Hasselblad suffering
from dust? I know for a fact that the V system using filmbacks
is not at at all dust proof, there is no dust seal of any kind between
back and body. And if you have dust on the sensor, how to get it off?

Secondly: how do digibacks fare when you have 40+ degr (Celsius)
temperatures? My (black) body/backs & (black) lenses felt more
than warm to the touch when exposed to the sun. Even when packed
in my backpack they were at 35+ degr C.

The trigger for these questions is my just-finished trip through the
deserts of Arizona and Utah. The amount of dust you sometimes
encounter (can you say dirt roads?) is rather impressive. I have
run an almost daily cleaning exercise on all my kit to make sure
the dust was kept under control. All in all I was rather happy
that my sensor was replaced after each exposure (one advantage
of film

Insights are welcome,
Hi Wilko,

I'm still using my Kodak DCS pro back plus on my 503CW and have had little problem with dust. I shoot hand held and often shoot outside and in the country. I use a lens pen brush with a sensor cleaner. I have not had to change the sensor filter on location but I think that keeping the body interior clean is a big part of no dust problems, while the rear body shutter keeps dust off the sensor it could move a lot of dust around inside the body if it was present. Body caps are a must. Just my experience.