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Does the CW Winder work on the 503 CX?

I just picked up a CW winder off ebay and I thought it would go on my 503 CX really easy, as the ebay company that sold me the winder listed it would work with a CX. Is there something I need to do to get it to work with my 503 CX? I took off the winder knob and tried to put the winder on it but it doesn't really lock in and it doesn't look like the winder has anything to grab onto.

When I take off the winder knob, do I then need to take anything else off in that winding area? I couldn't find a manual for it anywhere. Can someone offer some advicee if it is even compatable. If it isn't, I'll probably just pick up a CXi....

Welcome at the forum Potter,

Not a nice way to learn the meaning of the letter "i"......

The differences between the 503 CX and the 503 CXi are small.
As it happens the winder thing is the most important one.

The other changs are: new larger release button, the rear of the body accepts masks for panoramic images, rubber strips added to the bottom.

That new style botom leads to another not compatible issue.
The CXi only accepts the later style adjustable flashgun brachet p.n. 45169.

If you are looking for a new camera body do not forget the 503 CW is the best of the line with new mirror system.
The CW has the larger Gliding Mirror System. It is the last of the manual bodies and is still being produced.