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Does the 500CM screen show 100%25


New Member
Does the focusing screen of the 500 CM show 100% of what will appear on the negative? I assume other models are the same as the 500 CM since they all use the same interchangeable screens.
It shows less than 100%.
But 100% of what you see will end up on film.
I have just found this statement in Wildi (4th, revised, p.125):
"The image seen on the ground glass of the Hasselblad camera, or the groundglass back when attached to the rear of the camera, corresponds to 91% of the area covered on the film with the waist-level finders, and 88% of the area for the PM5 versions of the prism finder. This smaller area coverage is done purposely, as the slide mount covers up a small area of the image on the film."

This is considerably less than 100%, and I am rather surprised, and shocked, to this out.
if I am reading that correctly, it is stating that the viewfinder shows 100% of the recorded image, but only shows 91% of the FILM. Obviously the film won't be 100% covered by an image, because 10% of it is blocked by the slide mount...

The viewfinder shows less than what is recorded on film.

The film itself, obviously, is not used fully from one edge to the other.
But that's a given that is not being talked about. Simply because it doesn't make much sense.

So the comparison always is between the image in the viewfinder and the image on film.
well, I made some pinhole cameras, and have used a couple "toy" cameras that DID use the entire piece of film to make the image, so it can make sense in certain situations. Besides, I could've sworn that I read somewhere that the hassie screen shows 100%. So with this information in my memory, the only logical conclusion would be that the unused section of film was being referred to. If the hassie screen doesn't show 100% like I thought, well, then the above statement means something else (such as what you mentioned).