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Do youself a favor

Yes Gilbert

That is Simons WEB-PAGE .
A great site , redesigned ! ! ! . Congratulations , Simon . Really great .
Many thanks to you all - very kind of you and of Gilbert to point it out. Yes Jurgen the design was changed - thanks.

One day I will get some good MF and LF stuff scanned to put on it. I set it up late last year when home ill for 6 weeks - a cure for boredom and pain. It was good fun.

I am very flattered by all your comments because what I have seen of your images posted here in various threads, and the wonderful skills possessed, it is high praise indeed.

Thanks again.
Hi Simon,

Beutiful pictures, and very useful informations. Congrats!!

Yes, Simon, the site is a ripper.

Nice pics (I must get to Mungo one day). Not Mungo MacCallum...he lives close by here, but the place!

Not surprisingly, it is also chockers with thoughtful written perspectives on diverse photographica. A good read.