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Do you recommend FlexBody


Hi all
I realised that the shift displacement of Hasselblad FlexBody are severly limited by the covering power of Hasselblad/Zeiss lenses. But the tilt is more than enough for Macro, Table top, Selective focus & Landscape Photography.
I also realised that the Hasselblad FlexBody is discontinued since a year or two.
If I'm interrested only in the above mentioned feilds(Macro, Table top, Selective focus & Landscape Photography)for non-commercial photography, do you find it a coste ffective(i.e: economical) solution to by a new Hasselblad FlexBody at a price range of 1632 USD, specially under the vague(uncertain) future of Hasselblad V system continuation???
I have already owned 903SWC, so I'm not so concerned with the severly limited shift displacement of Hasselblad FlexBody. I have three lenses to be emplemented with the Hasselblad FlexBody(Distagon 4/50mm, Planar 2.8/80 & Sonar 4/180).
I have found a used(V.Good condition)SINAR 4"X5" system based around Sinar F1 camera with two lenses & complete accessories at the same price range(1600 USD). But I'm concerne about price of film & its development. Although quality is much more higher in SINAR system, the portability & ease of work of Medium Format is not comparable to that of SINAR system.
Do you think the SINAR system is better option???
Do you recommend Hasselblad FlexBody???
Sorrey for being detailed here. Appreciating any contripution. Thanks a lot.

I have owned the Flexbody and tried to use it in the applications you list. I found it awkward and slow to use but it does have the advantage of being compact and using all your existing system lenses and accessories. However...,

I ended up selling it and going for a large format camera. Having movements for this sort of photography really gives you control and having shift/rise/fall makes tabletop and macro a pleasure. You need to play with both to understand how much better the LF is.

Just get a roll film back for the Sinar to keep the running costs the same.

Flexbody has it's limitations but is still highly usable. I did buy mine whet it came to market (mid 90's?) and I have been rather happy. The worst is, as already mentioned, limited shift. About 2 x 15 mm shift in body and slightly less with most of the lenses. Although it already helps. A problem can be fixed shift and tilt direction (the same) or impossibility of turning RMfX (or something like that) finder 90 deg when camera is tilted to it's side. Also the mechanical structure of the camera is rather flexible with heavier lenses (like 150 mm CFi) and extension tubes. Integrated about 22 mm extension is practical.

Kerkko k.