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Do we need a new posting area for Hassy digital issues


I am thinking if getting a 645 digital back, such as the iXpress 132C, for my Flexbody but I am concerned that I will not be able to use the Flexbody in its "normal" or vertical orientation and get portrait format images because 645 backs have the sensor in landscape format. If I turn the Flexbody onto one side to get the sensor in portrait orientation, the tilting plane will be across the image.

I want the tilting plane to be up and down, so I get from near ground to distant ground in focus. Does anyone understand what I mean? With a "normal" Hasselblad, you would just turn the camera onto one side.

Am I correct in thinking that I cannot rotate the iXpress or any other 645 back to change the sensor to portrait format?

I guess this means that, on my Flexbody, I will be limited to images which are the square of the smaller dimension of the 645 sensor (usually 4080 pixels) or portrait images “carved” out of that square? Do users find this a severe limitation?

If I can get only portrait format images on my Flexbody from a square of the sensor, there is no need to get a 645 sensor back and I should save money and purchase a square sensor back?

I would appreciate your thoughts.
There are adapter plates that allow the back to be mounted either way.

You have to remove the back and rotate it manually. This works on the standard V cameras, but you'd have to check that it will work on your Flexbody (not sure if there is something that would interfer with that, but I doubt it).

I know with a Mamiya RZ Pro II, and probably a Rollie ( I think ), you can rotate the orientation without removing the back because both those cameras have rotating ability built in.
Sorry about the incorrect topic. I don't know how to change it and I have asked the moderators to change it to:

Are rectangular sensor backs rotatable or reversible?

In the meantime, I have restarted the thread with the correct topic.

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Are digital lenses worth the extra money?

I've been shooting a V96C on a view camera setup using 45mm, 55mm, and 75mm Grandagon lenses. The results seem good to me. How much benefit would I ge t trying digital lenses? I've hear that the APO Sironar digital lenses are little more than marketing hype in that they optically don't differ much fr om what I already use.

Has anyone compared Schenider digitars (28mm, 47mm, 60,, 80mm) with their a nalog equivalents and found a real difference?