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Do we need a new posting area for Hassy digital issues


Dear All
Now that digital backs are available for most Hasselblad models, would it not be more convenient to have a separate posting area/forum for digital issues.

At present there are digital-related threads in the areas for 503, 501, 500 and Flexbody cameras and they all concern backs that are available for most models and the most of the issues are not model-specific.

If you agree there is a need for a separate posting area for Hassy digital issues, may I suggest you email your view to the moderators, as I have.
I see from a 2005 or so thread, we are supposed to post messages about digital backs to the Accessory forum, a top-level forum on the same level as the Hasselblad System forum.

I asked both administrators about setting up a Hasselblad digital area but have not received a reply. It may make sense to move all digital back discussion to the Accessory forum because most of the backs work with more than just the Hasselblad system and certainly they work with more than just the 503 CW, etc, in which area most of the digital back threads have appeared.
I agree that a separate channel should be formed for discussing digital applications on Hasselblad cameras.

I do not agree it should be relegated to the status of an "accessory". Just because many backs work on other cameras shouldn't preclude discussion about their application on a Hasselblad V or H camera, and the specific issues this creates. BTW, I'd say the majority of digital discussion has centered on the CFV back which does NOT work on any other camera.


Currently, digital applications on Hasselblad cameras have generated a fair amount of discussion on a fairly slow web site. Obviously, it seems of interest to some Hasselblad shooters.

A fair amount of Hasselblad users are just entering this area of photography, or are at least interested in keeping abrest of it ... most likely because of the relatively new CFV back. Unfortunately, digital is relatively new, complex, and the learning curve is somewhat steep ... so in contrast, the MF digital information outlets are hard to come by compared to the multi-decades of analog information available from many sources.
I second (third? fourth? ...) that.

The days of "the future is digital" are well behind us now.
Digital capture is no longer a 'side show', to be relegated to the accessory bin. Digital is 'now'.

The digital workflow was given a separate channel, but still assuming, it seems, that the Digital Darkroom starts with scanned film?

Digital capture is a complex matter. And one that transcends boundaries between brands just like film did and does.

So i too vote for a separate digital capture posting area.
My wish is to have all Hasselblad digital discussion in one area. I also would prefer a separate Hasselblad digital area but how do we "wake up" the administrators to get them to create one?

I have already emailed both and have not received any response.
One option, which may excite some reaction from the administrators, is to move all digital discussion across to the Luminous Landscape forums which include a very active forum for medium format digital backs.


I know the forum covers many camera systems but this may not be a problem given that most backs are designed for use on more than one camera system.

Am I a traitor or what?
I think a digital Hasselblad posting area is good idea. Now that digital backs have become "affordable" for the Hasselblad system, rank amateurs such as myself, who have been spoiled by digital, are getting the Hassy out of the closet and back into use. I got my CFV about a week ago (have not had time to use it yet) and it looks like the learning curve may be of a moderate incline. A place to ask dumb questions would be very helpful.

This is a good idea,

some of the threads are mixed, are too long, take ages to download despite clicking on the arrow to get to the bottom of the page (which does not always work). Just started testing the CFV back, looks impressive for still life and studio work, look forward to portraits, bit rusty on lighting but it allows errors to be seen without spending a fortune on polariods, film and processing. The sharpness is definately their so am really pleased with the back, experimenting with the settings is interesting and the manipulation with photoshop ads another dimension to all the images.

Look forward to using the CFV back on other studio cameras with bellows / camera movements.

cheers Carl
Carl, Stephen,

I second your idea for a seperate "digital" posting area.

There happens to be an area for roughly every camera model Hasselblad
has built over time, but not yet one for digital backs & associated

Something else:
Maybe we should donate our forum host some $$ to buy a bigger disk
or 2, so that we do not have to hammer posted images into less than 130KB?

I hope the forum leaders read these posts.

Overall I DO NOT LIKE THE STRUCTURE of the Hasselblad forum - the current topic structure makes it frequently difficult to post a thread in "the right place" - it is counter intuitive. For ex&le the structure of Hasselblad system splits topics by V series models.

Why not structure it overall like:
Hasselblad cameras / digital / analogue / 200, 500, Xpan, H, classic cameras (pre-500), accessories, backs .....

Hasselblad lenses / Zeiss, Fuji, other Hasselblad lenses / lens accessories .........

Other topics / film / scanning / processing / software /.....

When I test this sort of structure against threads I have posted unhappy the thread was in the best logical place, I could much more easily find a logic place.

Now that Hasselblad's digital line-up is more comprehensive and includes a digital back for use on analogue range of cameras, surely a structure rethink is sensible?
I have to agree with Simon.

Were it not for a daily e-mail link, I would find it terribly difficult to track some of these interesting discussions, or make contributions where I can.

Currently, digital backs are relegated to accessories, which technically I guess they are ... but we all know that $10,000. items are hardly an accessory and warrant more band-width as they come into the mainstream for advanced amateurs who will undoubtedly need assistance from those well versed in the subject.

The only difficulty I see is that we all are a free ranging group of individuals, and the subjects cross pollinate ... so threads meander from subject-to-subject because each member has an area of speciality that creates an ebb and flow in the discussion.

So, I'm not sure what the structure should be.

The only sure opinion I do have is that the photo posting size is to small. This is the Medium Format forum, and the Hasselblad portion seems the most active ... while the picture dimensions are okay, 130K doesn't cut it. Even 180K would be better.
The only difficulty I see is that we all are a free ranging group of individuals, and the subjects cross pollinate ... so threads meander from subject-to-subject because each member has an area of speciality that creates an ebb and flow in the discussion. >


During the past holidays we had a pleasant time here among primary four of us and at that time protocol became blurred at best, we stopped copying previous posts, wrote about multiple subjects in a single thread, and actually turned this forum into a chat room. I admit I enjoyed it.

Now there are a lot more participants.

So, if we abide by the protocol perhaps we can correct our own problems, without bothering management.



I agree to what you say .
Simon has already made some suggestions.
Also , a little bit of chating is desired by me too .

Most digital related discussions in the past were posted under 503CW . This seems to be because of the CFV back and the 503CW/CFV .

But we really must not have a thread for each individual V-SYSTEM model and the H-SYSTEM sits there like an orphant .

So my suggestion would be as follows:
One posting area for:
V-SYTEM 500 models . All models .
V-SYSTEM 2000/200 models .
All SWC's .
1000F/1600F .
H-SYSTEM cameras
H-SYSTEM components , accessories .
HASSELBLAD digital backs.

A thread organization like above or similar , would give a much better overview .
Everyone is in violent agreement that digital should be unified into one section.

So when is this going to happen?