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Distagon CF 3530 vs CFi 3530


As I assume you know, some improvements were made with the newer CFi/CFE-lenses in general. A bit more reliable shutter, smoother focus, better straylight-d&ing in some special cases and so. But still, with resepct to results in practical use, these changes only make a hairline distinction.

Still, as only an amateur, I have the CFi 3.5/30...

Here are the MTF-curves for the two versions.
The information of the first diagram, for the CF-version, is from the sales manual of Hasselblad from 1986. The information of the CFi can be downloaded from the Hasselblad web-site.

MTF-curves for the CF 3.5/30


MTF-curves for the newest CFi 3.5/30


These beauties are very special, and my CFi 3.5/30 has become my favorite lens. One thing is for sure: If they scare someone away, it is not due to their optical performances. Enjoy!
Hi Christian,

Thanks for these full data. Would you please post some pictures taken with your CFi 3.5/30?
First, excuse me for posting MTF-curves here. I am new to this forum, and did not realise it is a separate topic for these (Manuals, MTF Charts etc.)

I wish I could upload pictures that in some way could exculpate/verify the optical performances of original slides taken with the CFi 3.5/30, but my even two PCP80-projuctors can’t help me here. On the digital front, for the moment, I only have a hopeless and tragic flatbed-scanner from mid 90’s.
Christian Kloumann (Pcp80)
RE: Post of Sunday 10/16/05

Please don't feel poorly about a mid 90's scanner, as the technology is stil in a major transition. Seems the Techno revolution is obsolete within a 3 year period, which makes me feel good about Hasselblad, because it is top quality and will always work.

PCP 80s are acutely crisp and tack sharp, nothing to be apologetic about. Digital people would have you believe we are obsolete.

And what about the use of this lens as "normal wide" in conjonction with CFV back ? Distortion is strong but with digital work it should be possible to SWC-ing pictures no ?
Wide angle is recurent mess with digital, but this lens has great MTF performences in center.