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Distagon 50mm lens problem


New Member
My first post...

I just came across my dad's old Hasselblad gear. Everything appeared to be in great shape until I checked out his 50mm CT* lens. It appears as though the edge of the coating on an inner element has begun to peel off. I am wondering if there is any way to fix this other than replacing the defective element? And if so, how do I find such an element?

Thanks for the input.

It sounds like the cement holding two lens elements together has dried up, and the elements are separating.

I'm afraid that repairing the lens will be more expensive than buying a 'new' used one.

If not too bad, you might still try the lens, see how much it affects image quality.
I was afraid it might be something of the sort. Do you think it could be repaired if I happened upon a beat up 50mm for replacement parts? It really looks as though only one element is involved and the lens kinda has sentimental value.
I happened to have seen my C50 on the bench of a service guy and I don't think it would be too difficult/time consuming/expensive to swap the element like you suggest.


The glass in the 50 mm lens is housed in two separate units/assemblies (one in front, the other behind the aperture and shutter), that could each be replaced with one taken from another lens, yes.
Doesn't Zeiss (or Hasselblad) match the lens elements during the manufacturing process as say Leica, Nikon and other manufacturors are alleged to do?
Update, I had to send the camera body for a CLA and decided to send the 50mm for an evaluation. Good news, apparently the flaking I saw was not separation but rather peeling off of the anti-reflective edge coating. The optics were not affected and apparently the edge coating is easily re-applied. With this I get a CLA so the old Hassy still has some life yet. Thank you all for your help.

Abbreviations seem to be the language of the future and as i do not understand CLA , i seem to be an illiterate . So can you please explain , what is a CLA .