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Display now Exif information in the photo gallery


Dear Hassy Users,

we introduced a new feature in our photo gallery. From now on, if you upload new images of Hasselbald digital cameras/ backs, you will be able to see the EXIF information below each photo. So details about f-stop, shutterspeed etc. are automatically displayed.

For the analogue camera users among us: Exif information is a kind of standard information set with all newer digital cameras. These information are recorded with each photo you take and attached to that image. The Exif data contain:

File name, File size, File date, Camera make, Camera model, Date/Time, Resolution, Flash used, Focal length, Exposure time, Aperture, ISO equiv., Metering Mode, Exposure, Jpeg process etc. if the camnera is supporting this standard.

The benefit of this is, that you can analyse later on each image with these data and you save a lot of time not writing this manually

Have fun with this new feature!

Your Team