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In a recent thread , i believe it was either HASSELBLAD V-SYSTEM or LENSES someone mentioned , that he had scanned HASSELBLAD negatives , using software , blown up to a very big size . I was trying hard to find that discussion , but without success .
All i can remember is , that i doubted this very much , but now i have heard of that again , and i would like you guys out there , to help me find that thread or even give the corresponding info .
Who can help ? ? ?

All we need to know is how many dpi, uhm... spi
we can get out of our films, and how many pixels our square negs will then end up being; divide that by 300 (or perhaps 150, if the image is not for reading distance viewing); and we'll know how large, in inches, a quality print can be.

You can use Photoshop, or any other program using a decent res&ling algorithm, and increase image size by a factor 2 (linear), without it being obvious. But not much beyond that.
"[ begin by scanning the 6x6 negative at the highest possible resolution...let say 4000 then down grade the dpi resolution...2000, 1000, 500, 300...wich, in linear measure will give: 6cm - 12cm - 24 cm - 48 cm - 82 cm (+\-). 82 x 82 cm at 300 dpi will be your digital negative...without any upsizing. Talking in inches that is 32, 3 x 32,3...just to begin with. large do you want to go...this is the decision to take, because depending on how large you want to go, the processus change...let me know something more...I may be able to help. Kind regards Sergio]"
Q.G. and Sergio

Thank you very much for your comments .
I have no trouble scanning my negatives (6x6 , 6x12 and also 4x5 inches) and i manage to get very good prints from my scans and am familiar with the technical requirements .
I use an output resolution of 360 and the results are fine .

What i am after , is : there was a thread , i believe in the last quater of 2005 , where a guy , i can't remember the name , and i also do not find that thread again , mentioned , that 6x6 negatives were blown up to a very big size , for outdoor adverts . I would like to read that thread again , and can't find that thread anymore .

So is there anybody , who can remeber ? ? and give me a hint ? ?

I tried with the forums search abilities , but gave up .
Hi Alex .

BINGO ! ! !
Thank you very much , thats the one , i was looking for .
Great .
Regards Jürgen .