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Hassselblad is deadly silent about a digital back for the F-series. I own a 203 FE and a 201 F, with all major F-lenses (50, 80, 110, 150, 250)and feel a little lost in this fast upcoming digital era.
Who knows something about this?
> > > >these people never tell US anything because they don't want to tell the = COMPETITION anything. > > >
Bas, Hasselblad don't make digital backs for any of their cameras. However, if you go onto their website, you will see there are at least 3 digital backs compatible with the "F" series of cameras.
I'm not sure what you mean when you say they are being "deadly silent"
Thank you Colin, but
in their brochures, send to my home address they mention (third party) digi backs for the new TIPA awarded H1 system, and for the 555 ELD, 553 ELX, 503 CW, 501 CM and 903 CW. Period. That made me wondering…


Shutters need to be fully open to be used with a digital back. Focal plane shutters, as are found in 200-series cameras, are not fully open unless used with shutterspeeds equal to, or slower than the flash synch. speed., i.e. 1/90.
No good.

It's not a coincidence that their latest camera, the H1, has leaf shuttered lenses too... ;-)

But 200-series bodies can be used with any digital back that will work on 500 C/M type bodies (501, 503). In conjunction with leaf shuttered lenses (C, CF, CFi/CFE), of course.
Which rules out the 202 FA.
How does the Contax 645 then work with a digital back? It is a focal plane shutter and still can be used at all speeds including 1/4000th of a second .

The Contax shutter must be fully open, i.e. a shutterspeed equal to or slower than the camera's synch speed must be set.
The back itself then times it's image capture, synched with the camera's shutter only through the camera's flash trigger, which in this case signals the back that the shutter is fully open, and capture may begin.
Hmmm, that's strange. I have a Contax 645 with a Kodak 645C ProBack that shoots at all shutter speeds...up to and including 1/4000th. Those speeds are set on the camera as you do normally with a film back mounted. There is no difference in any function with the camera except there is a digital back where the film back usually is.

There is no aux. shutter uses the cameras' shutter. The Digital back uses no is just a box with a sensor and contact points to relay the electronic info. like ISO set on the back so the meter knows what setting you are shooting at. No adapter plate either.

I'm not sure, but I believe you are mistaken on this one.
F bodies and Digital backs

The Hasselblad reference table for digital backs: shows three options for use of digital backs on the 203FE and 205FCC depending upon the selected back. Referring to footnote number 6; states use of the back in C mode, using CF CFE CFI lenses (C which is Central Shutter or lens shutter) and number 9 for flash sync interface. Both references are because of the focal plane shutter. Number 4 for special order


I understand that the full range of digital backs can be used on the 203fe so long you use CFE lens.

Does this mean that the exposure meter will work, but the shutter speed is dependant to the lens leaf shutter ?

Do both shutters work at the same time ?


When using shuttered lenses on focal plane shutter bodies (except the 202 FA) you can use either shutter.

Using CFE lenses as a condition for being able to use "the full range of digital backs" implies the lens shutter, not the focal plane shutter, must be used.
To do so, the camera's focal plane shutter is set to "C"-mode (not present on the 202FA, which is why this one is the exception), in which it functions like the two baffle doors in the 500-series cameras. The focal plane shutter is closed during composing, focussing, etc. and opens fully just after the lens shutter has closed, before the lens shutter starts its exposure cycle.
This timing is important, and is what distinguishes "C"-mode from "B"-setting, in which the first curtain is released a little bit later in the cycle.
The second curtain of the focal plane shutter then closes after the lens shutter has completed its cycle, when you let go of the release button.

So yes, both shutters work at the same time, but only one of them is responsible for timing the exposure.
Oh, and no: though aperture priority metering still works (as long as CFE lenses, not CFi or earlier lenses are used), and the display will indicate what shutter speed to set, the focal plane shutter (now acting as a rear ancillary shutter not involved in timing the exposure) can not be controled accordingly.
So you will have to set the shutter speed by hand, on the lens.
Final update on 200 series and digital:

The new CFV Imacon/Hasselblad digital back can be used on the 200 series cameras. It requires that the camera be slightly modified by Hasselblad, and you will lose automatic maximum aperture input with FE lenses (meaning that you have to tell the camera what lens you're using just like with CF and CFi lenses). But all FE lenses can be used and are fully automatic except for the max aperture input. Totally portable, with no additional cords needed.

This assures a long life for 200 series cameras regardless of what may or may not happen with the film supply.

As i understand it, the connections to the magazine change function, not the ones to the lens.
The camera will have to communicate with the CFV back, and that doesn't work through the Databus going to the lens...

So you keep aperture information (and full aperture priority automation), but lose film speed information.
AHHHH, thanks Q.G.. That's even less of a big deal.

Now the trick will be to find a time during the summer where I can stand to be without my 203FE ; -)