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Digital back


New Member
Hi im really new to this Hassey game

I have been shooting with a Canon 1D mark II for years now. I am now working as an assistent at a commercial photography company for fashion photographer :)

I wanna sell my equipment, and get some medium format ( can enyone explain why it is called that ) So the cheapest Hassey solution for me as I can see it, and believe me it has to be cheap - 6000$ in total with back and camera, and im after used-second hand ofcourse :)

Any thoughts......

Mads Jensen

Check my site if you want it is
Medium format is called that because it (with frames ranging from 6x4.5 cm to 6x9 cm) is in between "miniature format" a.k.a "small format" (24x36 mm '35 mm' format) and "large format" (sheet film of 4x5" and larger).
Medium format used to be called "small format" once...

I think it will be hard to get a basic kit (camera, 1 lens and a usable digital back) for that money.
Unless an old 6 MP (as in how any pixels there are in the images it produces, Austin
) with tiny chip (and thus huge crop factor) will do.
Hi there....

Yeah I know what 6 MP means :)

Im just wondering what hasselblad cameras can use digital backs, I really think it is a jungle out there...

Ok if the 6k is not enough, then how much do you guys think I need, for a MINt condition second hand kit?

G'Day Mads:

If it is 6000-7000 euro, fly to the US and offer it for a CWD package. You may just be surprised ! (Plus Warranty extensions, eh Jurgen!)

If it is 6000 USD, then as QG has written - you won't be happy with what you can get for that amount,in my opinion.

Welcome, and good luck with your brand new employment.




You might check with KEH and perhaps find a starting point for cameras and lenses. You might pick a film back if you purchase a camera and lens, and get familiar with the camera system. I suggest a 503 CW camera. Then perhaps you will find a digital back to meet your needs and budget.

You may want a new body, I don't know, but I must warn you that the V system is most likely no longer in production. Having stated that there is a large used market out there.



I'm Q.G.
And what they are on about is trying to stop me have an argument with Austin.

You can use digital backs with just about every Hasselblad model ever made. Though it would be best to avoid the focal plane shutter (2000- and 200-series) cameras, because you would need leaf shutters in the lenses anyway.

The ELD is the only camera in the V-System that offers an "interface" (rear contacts that signal the camera's release) specially for use with digital backs, meaning you do not need a sync cable running from lens to back to synchronize the two.

Hasselblad's 16 MP CFV back (relatively cheap. And apparently good, though some people have not have much luck using one) neither needs an "interface" nor a sync cable.

Makes sense now... sort of...

So a used 503 CW and maybe a Leaf Valeo Digital Back 17 megapix ( no lcd ) Does anybody know this back?

Anyway can I get aut focus lenses for that 503 CW???


Due to your asking for a digital back and the amount of money you mentioned to us: led us to think about the 500 series camera. The 500 series cameras are all manual cameras, no meter, no battery, no auto focus, and you set everything yourself.

I suspect what you are looking for could cost far more than your budget.

Here is a link to the H series. Some of the cameras shown have been discontinued and some have film backs, I am sure you will know the ones that don't.

Good Luck:

Mads, what you may want to consider is a Contax 645 and Kodak Proback 645C Digital back.

The Contax 645 is an AF camera using Zeiss AF lenses. While discontinued, it is readily available on the used market, and even some new stock can be found. Camera, AE prism, 80/2 lens and film back runs about $1,500 to $2,000. used in excellent condition.

The Kodak ProBack 645C is a 16 meg. square format sensor back similar to the current Hasselblad CFV. It was the first totally portable back with CF card slot, LCD screen, and no requirement to be thethered to a computer or an aux. battery. These are available from $4,000. to $5,500. In my experience, these are the most bullet proof digital backs ever produced by anyone.

The other option is the new Mamiya ZD bundle ... a Mamiya 645AFD-II camera and 22 meg ZD back for about $10,000.

The 645 cameras offer similar handling to 35mm type DSLRs and make better use of the digital back sensor sizes of currently available backs.