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Digital back for a Hasselblad 500 CM


New Member
Good afternoon,

I just bought a Hasselblad 500 CM in pristine condition and I am very happy with the camera but I would like to know if there is a digital back for it. Not the new and super expensive new one that Hasselblad has, I am talking about cheaper options.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


Well-Known Member
Not talking about the very old HB backs.
From Hasselblad , there will be the CFV16 , the CFV39 , CFV50 (classic) the CFV50c , first version .
I have worked with all of them and still do with CFV39 CFV50 (classic) and the new CDFV II 50 c .
One big advantage of the HB backs is that they can be used on most HB cameras , excluding the 1600 , 1000F and the classic SWCs .
(there might be some other exceptions , but extremely few)
The other advantage is , that you do not need a sync cable on any of the possible HB combinations .
I can't say anyting about prices , but I recommend to look for a trusted dealer .
I can not say anything for other backs and makes . Sorry .

Doc Steel

New Member jotloob has written:
never buy a used DB from private via ebay or any other ressources. Buy only from a dealer.
Why isnt the 907x an option? so you would have 2 in 1.


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There are a number of options from Phase One, I've got a P25+ there are a few others. It works pretty well, though the back is triggered through the flash sync cable which occasionally falls out. I paid about $1,200 for mine, but B&H told me they had many that they can't sell, so perhaps call and ask them.


New Member
Phase one P-45. Full width of the frame, landscape or portrait. Uses a sync cable but I worked with mine for ten years not an issue I would flag if I’d not read it on here. Great bit of kit. Capture One software also highly recommended.