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Deteriorating foam


New Member
hi all, Ive recently reclaimed my hassy, and after
running a roll through it, have realized that the
foam on the top of the body (near the screen) has
started falling apart, and depositing foam all
over the body! I'm about to leave for a trip, so I dont
have time to get it serviced -- can anyone suggest
a "field" repair? I'm guessing the foam is there
to cushion the mirror against slapping the body
too hard?
Hi, I've got the same issue (detoriating foam) w/ my 500cm. Is it possible to change the foam myself?
The two pieces of foam that usually deteriorate and fall apart in the Hasselblad bodies are the pieces that are glued to the top of the front plate, and the one that is glued to the front of the top plate. These two pieces of foam act as a shock absorber when the mirror flips up.

In order to replace either one of these pieces of foam, it is necessary to remove the camera from the shell, and to remove the top plate. Once this is done, access to the two pieces of foam is easy.

It would be possible for you to replace these foam pieces yourself, but you will run into two problems.

The first problem is that when you put the top plate back on, it is necessary to recalibrate the ground glass to make sure that it is at the correct height, and that the flatness is perfect. This requires special tools, which are extremely difficult to acquire.

The second problem is getting the camera back into the shell. After getting the camera almost all the way back into the shell, you must reach into the shell (through the winding crank opening) and lift up the side release arm with a spring hook. Then, you move the camera into the shell, while holding the side release arm up.

I would suggest that you have this done by a qualified Hasselblad technician who has the proper factory tools to recalibrate the ground glass after the top plate has been reinstalled.

I am a factory trained Hasselblad technician with 29 years experience servicing the Hasselblad system exclusively.

David S. Odess
28 South Main Street #104
Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 963-1166
Thanks for your help, David. I will send my 500c/m to my local Hasselblad service in Germany