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Depth of field preview button broke


New Member
Hello everyone,
I'm currently doing a project in Denmark and today while photographing I checked DoF as I often do and when I returned the button to its "open", default position the aperture did not agree.

So now the aperture is always closed - if 8 is set, then the aperture is 8, at all times. So, I have to turn the aperture ring back to 2,8 between shots to be able to see what I'm doing. Then I have to remember to turn the ring back to the working aperture before I make the exposure. Easy to forget when you're used to automatic stop down? Yes.

The camera is a 500c/m "classic" kit from 1991. (which means that the lens is a CF 80mm T*)

I dont know what has happened, is there some catch or spring that has broken? Can I fix it?

If not, I guess I'll have to make my way through this project anyway. But those handheld shots at f5,6 t125 are not going to be fun.

Tor Jonsson
You must have accidentally push down the aperature preview on the left hand side of the lens. To release it you press the end toward the ground position. This will release the aperature preview. I hope it works.


No, I returned the preview button to its "open" position but the aperture remains stopped down. Thats the problem.

All evening I've been flicking the preview button "on" and "off" but it seems as if it is no longer connected to the aperture. There is no visible movement of the blades when I flick the button.


I believe it is one of the things that may sometimes happen with CF lenses: the lever disengages from what it is supposed to be moving (also why the thing on CFi/CFE lenses moves between two ridges, preventing lateral movement).
And as i understand it, the thing needs to be opened to fix it. So you need a repair shop.
That is too bad and it looks like you will have to send it in to get repair. But at least you can still use the lens stop down. In my case, the FE 2.0/110 will not stop down at all and it is a like brand new lens. I have encountered this situation 5 times since 1999 when I first start to use Hasselblad system. I sent my lens in last week to Hasselblad NJ, USA. I believe this is a weakness to the Hasselblad lens especially the F and FE series based from my experiences.
"the lever disengages from what it is supposed to be moving "

Yes, it feels like thats what happened.

It really is too bad since I have six days left on this project and there is no time send it somewhere. Tripod work should not be a problem but on wednesday we are setting up a treasure hunt for some kids - an event we're doing as part of an art project, and I need to use the hasselblad then. Handheld, kids, dim view at 5,6... sigh!

When I'm finished here I'll be going to Copenhagen. Can go via Gothenburgh. Anyone got a good repairman to recommend in this area?

Tor and other members,
I wish there was such a support system where the available gears can be sent to folks who are on a job and far away and their gears broke down. Just a thought as I know how you feel since I was away one time and was not able to get my gear to work and I had to manage some how to get the job done. As a photographer we take pride in our creative knowledge to over come a technical challenge to get the image we are trying to go after. I wish you luck with the final project.


Yes, you indeed wish for such a system to exist in times like these. Or money to be able to have secondary Hasselblad gear. But anyone not established in the fine art field will know that money is not something to be counted on. One is happy with covered material costs and a gallery to exhibit.

As for wednesday I will try the best I can with prefocus etc. Unfortunately, kids movements are not that predictable. And the negatives from my F3 would not be sufficient for the print size I have in mind.

As you say Son, one will have to manage with what one has. And some creativity.

p.s. it also upsets me that I will now not afford that secondary back I sorely need. since repairing these things is expensive I hear. d.s.