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Darkroom Ventilation Fan



Hi everyone,
Wasn't quite sure where I should post this as there doesn't seem to be a darkroom heading. I was shopping around for a darkroom ventilation fan. Does anyone have any strong opinions on brands to buy? My darkroom is approx. 15x15' and I was hoping to get a fan that was quiet!
CPM, Inc (also know as Delta 1) has a line of darkroom fans called the "Black Out Variable Speed Exhaust Fan." I use one in my darkroom and it's quite good. As far as noise goes, it's no worse than my print drier or film drier. I have their catalog but they don't list a web site.

Their address is: CPM, Inc., 10830 Sanden Dr., Dallas, TX 75238-5325; phone 1-800-627-0252.