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CWD firmwaresoftware updates


When I get my CWD, what firmware and software updates should I be aware of? Do I simply have to download Flexcolor 4.7.1 and I will be fully up to date?



The latest FLEXCOLOR is 4.7.1 and it works .
The latest FIRMWARE LEVEL is R211 . Might be your CFV back comes with that R211 level .
In that case you only need to install FLEXCOLOR .
But more likely it will be on R196 , which is the predecessor level .
You can easily check that by selecting the main menue >>settings >> about .
You will find this written in the manual under "The about box" .
To do the above , you must of course have a loaded battery installed .

Now install 4.7.1
Connect your CFV back by the FW cable to your computer . Power on your PC and download FLEXCOLOR 4.7.1 (if its not included in the package you receive)
When 4.7.1 is installed , just follow the menue and you are prompted . At the end R211 will be installed . Then follow the cable disconnection , which is given to you by FLEXCOLOR .
If you can not power off the CFV back after you have disconnected the FW cable , you might have to remove the battery .

Good luck

Regards Jürgen
I have just installed flexcolor but it is only 4.6.7. It does not automatically prompt me to download the newer version. When I log onto Hasselblads website, I cannot get to the software dowload page. It tells me I am not authorized to access it, even though I have registered myself and my camera. When I completed the registration I was guided into the owners section, which stated it was under construction, however I could access the software page if I wanted to. But when I do this, again, it simply says I am not authorized.

Please help someone! Thanks,

Your registration might take some time . This is an experience also from other WEB-PAGES .
So if you can't login , check your registration data again .
When you , during LOGIN , enter your E-MAIL address and PSWD do not hit enter but click on the >NEXT button .
That should work .
If not , sorry I just can't tell you . Perhaps someone else in the forum or contact HASSELBLAD .
One of the reasons is Jürgen's tilt sensor problem.

- A cosmetic issue which gave a thin blue or grey line in the right hand side of the OLED display on 16 and 22mp units.
- A problem which caused loss of image files when changing between Sandisk Extreme III and IV CF cards.
- An issue which gave a “Tilt sensor needs calibration” error on CFV/CWD.
- A FireWire issue which gave the Internal Error 9005.
- Display flicker when half pressing release bottom.
- Mamiya 645AFD: 5th capture in multi shot mode has been corrected. No error beep
when capturing from FlexColor and correct enable/disable of camera.
- The use of the Schneider shutter made more robust and fixed a problem with
newer Schneider shutters.
- Delete last image function now works correctly.
A related question. Are the free Flexcolor upgrades and firmware updates still provided after the "back" is past the warranty period or is there a charge?


Since the back is working fine, you can of course postpone upgrading, untill you run into something the (or a then current) upgrade would fix.
There are no known "screw up a working back" issues linked to the latest firmware upgrade that I've heard of. I've upgraded all three of my Hasselblad backs to good effect.

Linking Jurgen's issue to the firmware is jumping to conclusions not supported by information, by Hasselblad tech, nor other people's first hand experiences.

What I would caution is following Jurgen's order of loading the firmware.

For now, I would avoid hooking up the back via firewire and then powering up your PC. I was shown how to do this and it wan't in that order. I was told to start the computer, connect the camera with the firewire, then start Flexcolor... at which time Flexcolor should recognize the back, beep with audio confirmation, and then prompt installion of the new firmware with each step clearly communicated. Miss a step and you are in for trouble. (BTW, copy the old Flexcolor on a separate HD, in case you want to return to it for some reason).

I have a call into my dealer/tech to check this, and will report back when I get an answer. It may be nothing, but I've found that you have to do things the way they say to do them.

I have no experience with the FW IEEE1394a/b protocol and technology .
But it looks to me , that you can hook up a FW device "on the flight" .
Technically , there is no difference , when you connect your device first and then power up your PC (might be a clear status on both sides) or you connect your device to a running (hot) system .
For the CFV back it does not make any difference . It gets power via the FW cable and powers up. When you then start FLEXCOLOR you will receive (on CFV back)
"controlled by FLEXCOLOR" .

I was told to do it the way I described . You believe , that you have to "warn" people to do it this way , but better connect "on flight".

Can you please explain , what could go wrong when connecting the FW cable to the CFV back and your PC and then power up your PC ? ? ?

As I said, I have to ask ... it may be exactly as you say Jurgen ... and make no difference at all.

It wasn't a "warning", just a "caution" based on being told to do it that way. Everytime I did something differently in the past it seems I got nicked for it with a problem. I'm not an engineer or a tech guy ...

So I'm cautious, and therefore haven't had any problems since I strictly do it the way I was instructed by my dealer/tech. Perhaps overly cautious.