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Could canon digital 35mm can play a digital back for Flexbody or Arcbody


New Member
I know this should be hard technically somehow, and maybe ridiculous.
But to me it seems to be a good alternative if some one can develop a converter to let Canon digital 35mm serves as digital back for Flexbody or Arcbody. I think Canon EOS 5D should do the job.
Would be nice indeed, yes.
However, the depth of the Canon body would both limit the amount of movement possible (vignetting), and (by lengthening the sensor-to-lens-flange distance) create the need for a new, and expensive, bunch of lenses.

Your wish has already been fulfilled.
Cambo has a view camera that allows Nikon and Canon bodies to be used as a digital back.

FYI, I have a Kodak digital back for sale on the usual auction site (no names) that has an IR filter for shifts or tilts you might want to take a look at.