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Converters and convenience


New Member
Theres not much on the forum on this topic , not for a while at any rate, as far as I can see, so what do you think folks?

I am thinking about getting a converter to use with (mainly) my Sonnar 250mm CFi - probably a x2 (x1.4 seems just not very much)
I would want to do this for pure convenience ie cheaper than a "new" lens so my questions are

1/ Just how much of a downside is there ( I guess at best a converter can only enlarge any existing flaws plus add any of its own) - did anyone do any comparative pictures???

2/ I am at little confused with the terminology - a quick trip round ebay from time to time reveals Hasselblad converters ( ebay no. 190202849600 - no mention of "mutar" ) and Hasselblad Mutar converters ( ebay no. 280204805055 )
Are there two manufacturers perchance?

Currently I am ignoring Vivitar and others if others exist but happy to take counsel and enlightenment !!

tell me tell me !!

thanks vey much

I too chose a 2X converter strictly for convenience and expense. I found and bought a used Vivitar, which you mentioned, for $45. I've used it with my 180 and 250 lenses (giving me a 360 and 500 respectively), and my eyes cannot detect any decrease in quality (WHEN I can keep it from shaking). Obviously, any converter made by Zeiss should be even better, but I'm sure not complaining about mine.
Michael H. Cothran
The 2x Mutar made from 1985 to 1994 is a Zeiss lens. The converter 2XE form 1994 is Japanese optics assembled in Sweden. The Mutar is considered a superb doubler by Richard Nordin..

I forgot to mention that I have a 2XE and combined with the 250mm gives good results under the right conditions; tripod, mirror lock, remote release, no wind, etc.
Both the Komura and Vivitar converters perform well.

I have a Zeiss Mutar that I like to use with the 110/2.0 lens.
Non Hasselblad/Zeiss converters are available at prices you are about to pay for a decent pair of lenscaps.

With a 2X coverter you lose two stops but the minimum object distance remains the same as for the lens in use.
That can be an advantage.


Somewhere , but I can not remember where , I read , that it is not recommended to use the F(E)2/110 PLANAR with any converter .
I have the 1.4XE converter , but , because of the before mentioned , I never used that converter with the my FE2/110 lens .
The PC-Mutar can be used with lenses up to 100mm . You report , that you use that converter with your 2/110 lens .
How does that go together and how are the results ? ? ?

Hello Jürgen,

To avoid any confusion I do not use the PC-Mutar but the 2X Mutar from Carl Zeiss with the 110 lens.

I found the 2X Mutar several years after I started using the 110 mm lens.
Somehow I remembered having read that the 110 is a good match with the Mutar.
So I started to use this combination with astonishingly good results.
I think it was Richard Nordin who also wrote about this in his compendium.

The PC Mutar is a different animal. Here I would certainly follow the instructions supplied by Carl Zeiss to achieve good results.

Sometimes not following strict recommandations can open new ways that are not always expected and give interesting results.