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Compatibility issue between 500CM and 503CX


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Hi there!
I have recently purchased a used 500 CM including an A12 film loading back. Soon afterwards, I stumbled over a used 503 CX (body only) on eBay, which I bought also (don’t ask... ;-). I'm considering to sell the 500 CM body and to use the A12 back on the 503 CX. Now I know that all parts in the 500 series are interchangeable -- theoretically. The problem is, I remember reading a post somewhere on the net (unfortunately I don’t remember where) which says that one has to check the serial numbers of the body and the back, and that they "should match". What can happen if they don’t match? And what could the poster mean with matching serial numbers? Doesn’t each part has a distinctive, individual serial number anyway?

They do not have to match. I believe that you read that the three digits on the film insert should match the last three digits of the magazine serial number and that is true.

If you need a copy of the manual it can be downloaded from this website and from Hasselblad

Good Shooting

> I own a 500CM and a couple 120 backs. I think what you read was the back and the insert should have matching serial number. Actually, the insert has the last 3 digits of the back serial number. One of my back does not match, and so far I don't have any problem. I would imagine it would be better if they match. I also have a 501C and find all lens, backs are interchangable. I would image your CX would do the same. Have a great Thanksgiving day.
> They are tested and QC checked at the factory in a "matched" state for > the SN. So that is the status the Hasselblad will "warranty" them for > lightfastness, etc. In practical usage, I have not seen it matter but > there can always be an exception.
Re: Matching numbers on magazine insert and magazine. Hasselblad says this is because both have rollers that are individually adjusted to each other on a laser/computer instrument, to keep the film flat. A non-matching insert will not affect light tightness.
I have a 503CX and a 150mm f/4 lens and I am planning to use a 2x converter for tight close up portrait. Has anyone used this "300mm" combination and what are the results to expect?
Thanks for your advices
I used a Mutar 2X with my 150mm CF lens on my 500C/M body with excellent results. I lost two stops, but the image quality was still very high.
Wouldn't extension tubes allow you to get a tighter closeup without the flatter perspective of the longer focal length? And they are cheaper than a 2x converter.