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Colored Stripes

Just taking a stab in the dark here but it looks like the the green bar below might be showing how many times we've logged in during a specified period, or perhaps how many posts during that time.

And I'm wondering if the orange bar is a translation of points for how many posts each member has made - the number is visible if you hover your mouse over the bar.

Also, I wouldn't mind betting that the new Thanks button on the right-hand side of the screen also contributes to that number and also the stats above.

My two cents worth


Please also have a look to thread SITE FRUSTRATION . My post from today .
Could be that the CIA is watching us . :z04_photos: Photos are taken with a miniature MINOX , hidden in the bars .


Actually (and I am not kidding) Apple has filed a patent application for camera technology that can be mounted behind the LCD screen. So the camera peers at you from between the pixels of your display.

Not sure if I like that idea by the way.

Well I suppose whatever innocent new technology is ever developed, some nasty criminal mind will find a way to exloit and abuse it!