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Have a hasselblad 500CM with silverplate worked on the outside body. Number and signature of Mr. Victor Hasselbald.
Can anybody help me out? Factory date - value?
Came with 3.5 - 100 planar.
This model is to mark the 25th anniversary of the "civilian" hasselblad in 1974. 25 years since the 1600F was introduced.

There were 1500 cameras in the commemmorative series.

According to Richard Nordin's excellent book, the serial numbers were from the UP 148xxx - UI 155xxx range (1973 and 1974). Not from one contiguous block.

The magazines were from the UP and UI ranges too.

It originally came with a black barrel 80 mm C lens, not the 100 mm.

These cameras, like other commemmorative models, came in a luxury box with booklet explaining the reason the thing was issued, and a signed photograph of Victor Hasselblad.

The value?
Whatever someone is prepared to pay for it. You'll never know unless you put the thing in an auction.
Whatever the result may be, it would fetch more if the magazine and lens matched the body, and if the case and documentation were there too.