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Coating differences with the Chrome lenses



I currently have 4 lenses, and I only need to keep 2 of them.

I have 2 chrome 80mm/2.8 lenses.
The lettering looks a bit different, but they look like the same type of lens.
One has a yellow type coating and the other has the purple type coating (same as my black 150mm/4.0)

I have a chrome and black 150mm/4.0 lens.
They both seem to have the same purple type coating.

Are the ones with the purple coating better?
Is this 80mm/2.8 with yellow type something different?

thanks, just wondering about them...
The 80mm lens with the yellow coating is the original, 2 layer coating. The other 80mm lens and the two 150mm lenses have the newer, 6 layer, T* coating. The black 150mm lens is newer than the chrome 150mm lens.

Dave Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician
Now that I look at it more... it looks like the 80mm 's could have the same coating..

But the 150mm chrome is the same purple as my 150mm black lens. But the chrome is not marked with a * or T