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Cleanlube A12 Back


New Member
Hi all.

I have an A12 back which doesn't advance properly. When winding a new film to the "1" position, it can go straight past if one is not careful, and when that happens overlapping frames seem to be the inevitable result. Sometimes, if I am very careful when advancing the film to the 1 position, I can feel something engage and it stops at 1.

I do not live anywhere close to a qualified Hasselblad repairman. My local camera shop would probably undertake the job, but charge me quite a bit for it.

According to a generic book on camera repairs I have, this could be due to the film advance ratchet skipping, and "...the cause is a worn or sticky ratchet claw". If it is simply a matter of removing a cover and applying some lighter fluid, I don't mind trying. I recently had some success unsticking the shutter and diaphragm on a Canonet 25, but that camera was effectively worthless, and this is a Hasselblad back.

Grateful for advice - is this a crazy thing to attempt? If I do manage to clean it, how and with what should I lubricate it? Can anyone point me to a picture of what it would look like disassembled?
I took apart my backs and cleaned and lubed them and they aren't that hard to take apart or put back together. If you use a clean table and a bright light, you can start taking it apart. If you get scared, just start putting it back together and ship it to a hassie repair shop.

I think I have the same problem... I've inherited a 500C and a 500EL (which has no batteries for now, so I can't use it) from my grandfather. I think I've got the 500C all unjammed and pretty much ready to go but it seems winding on always slips as it begins to get to the frame number in back of the back.

The teeth on the body look absolutely fine, but I can't be as sure about the film back (but I have two and both slip)... is lubrication the solution to this problem, or could it be something else?

Thanks a lot.

Edit: I've just noticed I seem to have an A12 and an A16 (the number just about the film position indication), if this makes any difference.
Hi Lewis

If not serviced the backs can and do slip (even if they look on the outsi de to be in good condition). There are components that just stick causing w heels to freewheel instead of crank. The good thing is that if serviced they do seem to last for ever! I don' t know where you are from but a service can be quite expensive. I am in th e UK and paid a Hassie dealer just over £100 for a thorough job.

Someone on this forum told me that if the film slips it is always the bac k and never the camera that is at fault.

Good luck