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Chrome 80mm T lenses


Wondering does anyone know exactly how many of these chrome 80mm T* lenses were made and the first and last dates of manufacture?.
I have heard around 3000 were made but can`t find any info about it, mine is from `72 and from the serial number appears to be one of the last made.
Hi Mark,

Overviews like this can be found in the Hasselblad Compendium, written by Rick Nordin.


You found one.

First known number 1594923 (belongs to someone posting here), 1956.

Last 'chrome' one (though already with T* coating, and well after production of lenses in black barrel had started), number somewhere around 574xxxx, 1974.

Estimated number lenses made in "chrome" barrel: approx. 100,000.
(A bit more than the 3000 you heard ;-))
Thanks I may not have explained myself there, I meant specifically how many 80mm Chrome T* lenses?.
My 80mm chrome T* is from 72, I`ve owned and seen many around. Judging by the serial numbers (5569441) in my estimation is one of the last 1000 made, that is all I know right now.

I figured around 73/74 would be when the last ones were put out.

Thanks for the info!.

The estimate you are refering to might well be close to the total number of 80mm chrome lenses with T* coating.
Keep in mind that this lens was still available two years after yours was produced.
I have heard Richard Nordin is still researching Zeiss lenses produced for Hasselblad.

The first were available in 1971.
Not counting prototype and preproduction lenses this estimate means an average of 750 lenses were produced each year.

I hadn't paid attention to the "T*"-bit. My apologies.

The production batch your lens comes from counts over 4,000 lenses, probably all 'chrome'. Already quite a bit more than the figure you heard.

In the period between the manufacture of the first T* coated 'chrome' 80 mm lens (c. 1971), and the manufacture of the first black 80 mm lens (c. 1975), about 45,000 Planar 80 mm lenses were produced.
So the number of chrome T* lenses may lie somewhere between 1 (we do know that at least one was made...
) and a bit over 45,000.

The serial numbers hold no clue, so unless we get to inspect all 45,000 of them, it will remain a guess.
Collecting data however will help make it a more educated guess.
I appreciate the additional info, I have seen around maybe 50 or so but only recently started looking at serial numbers etc.
I have NEVER seen an unmarked 80mm Chrome T*, but I have seen some very near mint ex&les with only minimal numbers rubbed off the barrel etc.
I think these lenses are very worthy of collecting, as already the number of mint ones looks very small, I would guess less than a hundred from what I can tell, maybe far less.
I may be in the minority but I prefer the old chrome T* lenses they just appear to me to be far more robust and hold more of a special type quality than the newer versions.
Anyhow I`ll chime in again if I find out any more myself.