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Chinese screen adapter


I've found a used chinese screen adapter for V Hasselblad in eBay. It's branded Widepan.

I don't care about the screen. I would exchange it for an Acute-Matte for 500cm body or similar.

Does anyone here knows something about this adapter in particular?

Once in a while I see genuine Hasselblad adapters for the SWC. but the screen in it only works with non retrofocus wideangles. I need it for focusing with CF lenses adapted to my field camera.

I know my best bet would be buying one to fit the Flexbody, but never seen them in eBay.

I figured out that this inexpensive adapter with a Acute screen fitted, could work for me.

Two specific questions:
How acurate is it for focusing ? (manufacturing tolerance speaking)
Exchanging for an Acutematte sounds feasible?

Thanks in advance anyone