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Charlie Waitebs beautiful use of Hasselblad 6x6


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I'm sure most will be familiar with the UK landscape photographer, Charlie Waite, and his now iconic beautiful 6x6 images (among his much loved 4x5 and 6x17 work).

On Monday while on business in Sydney, I discovered that the hotel chain Sofitel (in Sydney the Wentworth) is hosting Charlie Waite's Australian exhibition at 3 properties with 20+ simply magnificent images on display at each site, all of which are for sale.

I spent 2 hours drooling over the 20 odd square images (he uses Hassy 6x6) that were just stunning. He printed them on fine art magnificent textured paper which were magnificently mounted and framed - about 20x20 image size. Some had the most beautiful water colour painting effect.

What really amazed me was that the selling price ranged from AU$780 to $560 (framed) depending upon if they are "open" or limited (max 50) prints. I thought that was cheap if anything.

He also had 2 or 3 4x5 images and 2 6x17 images that were equally stunning.

He is staying here to shoot some Aussie landscape which he is ashamed to say he has never seen in his 25 years as a pro.

Maybe the exhibition will hit the US.