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Changes in forum usability


Dear members,

after the recent surveys about your way of using our forum, we have made the following changes over the week-end:

1. Postings in the forum can now be read without login. Writing requires still a login.

2. Within each section of the forum, the thread with the most recent comment in moves automatically at the top of the section. Members, who prefer to read online all postings will have it easier now with this to follow each new posting.

3. Members, who prefer to read all postings as emails from the forum, can do this like they did in the past. Nothing changed here.

If you do not know this functionality, please read our detailed FAQ for the forum within the help/Instruction section in the navigation bar of the forum.

4. We would like to encourage all users to try answer to questions in the forum by answering with your email (so called "reply-by-email" functionality of this forum).

We know that this functionality does not exist with other forums. Therefore this is new for many users. But you will see that this is very convenient while travelling or if you do not have the time to follow all postings online in the forum. You just save a lot of time and users with slow internet connections will appreciate this too

More information on this in the Forum FAQ as described above.

We want to say thank you to all participants in the surveys. You help us with this to make this community forum an even better place for you by adapting the forum to your ideas. We will continue to run the recent polls for those of you who have been in vacation, so that you can still give your vote here: on the right side (3 different surveys).